Aldi worker reprimanded after plastering customer’s car with over 30 parking warning notices


A GRUMPY Aldi worker has been carpeted after festooning a customer’s car with parking notices.

The unidentified staff member at an Aldi store in Inverness used tape to cover the vehicle with 34 notices.

The messages, warning customers they will be fined for staying more than 90 minutes, were plastered across the windscreen and front-side windows.

Karn Campbell, who snapped the photographs of the car, at first believed the car owner was the victim of a prank.

Karn Campbell spotted the parking tickets on the car.

But Aldi today confirmed it was the work of one of their employees who had received a dressing down.

Karn posted the hilarious pictures on Facebook with the caption: “Aldi must be serious about the parking fine.”

Karn also added three photographs of the car sitting in the supermarket car park.

The front of the vehicle was plastered with 30 of the bright yellow parking notices – some of which were wedged underneath the windscreen wipers.

An employee had been responsible for stickers.

The other notices were plastered across the top of the windscreen and had been laid out perfectly and stuck to the front of the car with sticky tape.

Another four notices were stuck to the passenger side window with sticky tape.

The notices, which are information leaflets, explain to customers that the car park is for customers only and they cannot stay longer than an hour and a half.

On social media, one user joked: “Ffs, what next?”

Another added: “That’s over the top.”

One user commented: “Someone got stick happy.”

While another joked: “I think the fines might be worth more than the car now.”

One social media user commented: “I think the fines might be worth more than the car now.”

Speaking today, Karn said: “They were only the information leaflets handed out in store. Most likely someone having a prank.”

An Aldi spokesperson said: “The flyers were issued by a member of staff in contravention of our policies, and this action was not endorsed by Aldi or Parking Eye.

“The colleague responsible has been spoken to about their behaviour and the vehicle has not incurred a fine.”

In April this year a driver pranked a fellow motorist with a fake parking notice after spotting the car straddling two parent and baby spaces.

Mike Lyddon, 49, left a note ticked inside the yellow penalty pocket on a Land Rover Freelander and wrote it capital letters “Stop parking like a c**k.”

The sales rep, from Woking, Surrey, said the prank was a “spur of the moment thing” after spotting the car outside of a Tesco branch in Weybridge, Dorset.

Aldi say the employee involved has been spoken to.

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