Hilarious video shows a “grumpy old bugger” sheep being wound up by a group of lambs.


The adorable clip captured five-year-old Jeffrey on the top of his favourite spot – the well cover – while three young lambs try to steal it.

Scottish Blackface Jeffrey is having none of it and chases them all away one-by-one as they fight to take over the podium he uses to overlook the field.

Furious that any one would even dare to try and take over his position, Jeffrey is heard bleating with frustrating at the trouble-makers.

But just when he thinks he has chased them all away, a sheep called Spot comes into shot from the distance and takes his place on top of Jeffery’s platform.

Bemused and dumbfounded that another sheep would contest his reign, Jeffrey looks like he has been conquered – for a few seconds.

But he soon picks himself up and charges at Spot – ramming him off the stage with his horns.

Jeffrey then takes back his rightful position, looking over his subjects and grassy kingdom before the video comes to an end.

Spot is seen prancing towards the well cover

The clip was filmed yesterday (thur) at Tribe Animal Sanctuary Scotland near Lanark who rescue animals from the slaughter.

The video which has been viewed over 1,400 times was captioned: “Sheep politics. It’s complicated.”

They added: “Just young trouble makers and a grumpy old bugger.”

Jeffery seems bemused to see the young lamb on his podium

The clip also attracted dozens of comments from social media users who compared the sheep fight to British politics.

Breverley Smith said: “I want on the stone. Feck off it’s my stone. We all want on the stone. No chance.”

William Gray said: “Looks a bit like British politics.”

Jeffery soon shows Spot whose boss

Mané Lopes said: “This is interesting. People usually don’t know how complex the life of other social animals can be.”

Angela Ross said: “Haha. I like the wee opportunist that runs in and then gets told where to go. So funny.”

Speaking today (thur), a spokeswoman for TASS said: “Jeffrey was re-homed to us from his former home on a livery yard.

Jeffery reclaims his throne

“He is the boss, but he is surrounded by youngsters who try and wind him up.

“The other sheep are all rescued from slaughter. Spot is the firm favourite, when Jeffrey is busy somewhere else, the other sheep like being on it (brick platform.)

Social media loved the feisty sheep behaviour

“The other sheep in the background are the same age as Spot, so Jeffrey is surrounded by mischief.

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