SPOKEN WORD – It’s a Dog’s Brexit, fast-pace “soap opera” politics

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This show isn’t hard, or soft, it’s just educated political commentary and analysis, with a few good jabs along the way.

Geoffrey Brown seems to take on the role of a very entertaining university lecturer in his spoken-word show, It’s a dogs Brexit. He discusses the ins and the outs of where the UK stands, and offers his take on the last few years of political unrest in the nation.

Working with facts and figures that have been thrown around by newspapers and politicians alike, he attempts to make sense of what Brexit really means; explaining the different levels of governance in Europe and what the UK will and will not be able to wave goodbye to next March.

The fast-pace nature of this slideshow-centred performance means concentration is key, and background knowledge is important. Geoffrey Brown explores what he refers to as the “soap opera” that the Brexit “plans” have so far been; in 13 chronological episodes he examines how far the current government have come in procuring any sort of deal – all the while poking fun at the various newspaper headlines that have offered their input along the way.

Brown’s show is a great refresher of some of the blunders on all sides, and a frightening lowdown on the events that may arise in the next 7 months.

If you don’t laugh you’ll cry right?

Show Information

Venue: The Space @ Surgeons Hall

Dates: 3rd24 Aug (not 18th)

Time: 16:05 (55 mins)

Tickets: £10.50 (£9)

Bookings: Here | Fringe Box Offices | 0131 226 0000

Recommended: 12+