“Absolutely fuming” couple hit out at House of Frasers after they refuse to honour £1,500 order


A COUPLE have hit out at House of Fraser after they refused to honour their £1,500 order – because it was placed before they went into administration.

Jason Sherriff and Glen Miller, from Seaburn, Sunderland, were left “absolutely fuming” when they were told they would have to repay £1,500.

The couple had been gifted vouchers from friends and family after they married in January – which they used to order the sofa and chairs for their new family home.

When House of Fraser collapsed and went into administration last month, the couple were concerned but were told “everything was fine” by staff.

However, when they were then told on August 26 (SUN) they would have to pay another £1,500 if they wanted the furniture to be delivered.

Taking to Facebook on Saturday, Glen, 47, fumed at the company. He wrote: “So, after ordering our sofas and chairs from House Of Fraser back in March, which were due to be delivered next week because of work being done on the house, we have been told we are not getting them.

“Because of the takeover they are sitting in the warehouse.

“As we paid the deposit with wedding gift vouchers (£730) and debit card (£770), we’ve been told we are not getting it as House of Fraser has gone into liquidation and Mike Ashley is not honouring orders that were ordered before take over.”

The couple on their wedding day

Friends and family of the couple, some of whom contributed to the House of Fraser vouchers, commented with their frustration.

Sue Lawson wrote: “That’s shocking Glen. It’s wrong they are not honoring orders especially when paid for. Disgusting. Hope you get it sorted.”

Lisa Seferi said: “This is horrendous. Hope you get it sorted.”

Tony Jennings commented: “That is f******* disgraceful.”

Carly Simms wrote: “This is disgusting. What absolute a***holes. I hope you manage to get it back. Disgusting.”

Tracey Ann said: “That’s a disgrace. There was a piece on the radio about it yesterday too. Shocking, they should honour their orders. They haven’t gone out of business totally. Hope you get it sorted without too much hassle.”

Elaine Hodgson commented: “Wow that is unbelievable. I can’t believe this is being allowed to happen.”

The furniture, including sofas and chairs, was intended for the new family home the couple moved into in April with Jason’s son Cody, 21, and daughter Erin, 18.

Concerned over House of Fraser’s collapse into adminstration last month, Jason and Glen rang up the company to discuss their order.

They were told by staff that “everything was fine” and they would receive a call to confirm it’s arrival at the warehouse.

Glen’s “fuming” Facebook post

However, when they organisation contacted them again on August 26 they were told that while their furniture was in stock at the warehouse – they would need to pay £1500 again if they wanted to receive it.

Speaking today, Glen’s husband Jason said: “I drove up to the Gateshead Metro Centre store in Newcastle, and was absolutely fuming.

“We’d been there a few times, they knew who we were.

“They said it was out of their hands.

“The store manager initially told us that we could claim the money back.

“But when she called again she said we weren’t going to get our money back.

“We would have to claim back the money on the vouchers through House of Fraser’s creditors.

“And we would have to claim the rest through our bank.”

In early August, House of Fraser went into administration after accruing up to £884 million in debts.

Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley bought the furniture store for £90 million just hours afterwards.

He is under no legal obligation to pay suppliers owed before the buyout.