Scot re-enacts famous Matilda magic scene using a Buckie bottle as a wand


HILARIOUS video shows the moment a Scots bartender re-enacts the infamous magic scene from Matilda – using a bottle of Buckfast as a wand.

Jamie Jack, is seen dancing around to Thurston Harris’s ‘Little Bitty Pretty One’ in an attempt to replicate the film’s famous scene when main character Matilda realises she has powers.

The video, which was taken after Jamie and his friends, Jake Stevens and Leah Henry, returned from a night out in Sydney, Australia and has since gone viral.

The clip now has around 450,000 views.

Jamie, from Dunbar, East Lothian, is seen in a yellow shirt, wearing an orange high vis jacket over his head and having a little dance as the song begins.

He then uses his empty bottle of Buckfast to try and move several items of the furniture in the room.

He initially starts off by shaking his bottle towards the cupboard door to which it opens and closes in time with Jamie pointing at it.

Jamie was recreating the famous scene from the movie Matilda

He then moves onto pointing at the bed to which the end of it appears to move up and down.

Following this, he then directs the bottle to turn the light on and off.

He then does this on repeat whilst having a little jig to the song, all the while laughing considerably.

He also flips and catches the bottle in one hand whilst dancing about.

The clip has gone viral gaining over 450,000 views

The video finishes with Jamie waving his arms in the air and appears to almost fall over.

The clip was uploaded to Facebook shortly after it was taken in the early hours of Sunday morning by Jamie’s friend, Jake Stevens with the caption, “That time Jamie turned into Matilda after a night out.”

The video has been shared 7,000 times and has more than 6000 comments.

Alix Isherwood said: “Oh my god hahahaha genius.”

Georgia Owens commented: “Hahaha this is class.”

Olivia Lesurf Wray said: “Best one yet, but why has he got a bottle and a high vis on his head haha.”

The video was a hit on social media

Lee Roddy said: “That’s mad how’d he do that.”

Debbie Gillan said: “Haha Buckfast and Matilda.”

Speaking today, 23-year-old Jamie described their video as “creative.”

He said: “It started off that I was going to have a night in, but ended up getting a bottle of buckfast and went in to the centre of Sydney till 5am.

“Came back to our flat for afters got the song stuck in our head then things just got weird.

“We never thought it would of kicked off this much we went for a beer to celebrate getting 3,000 views and we were happy with that, woke up in the morning and couldn’t get my head round the response.”

Jamie (left) is working as a bartender in Sydney

Jamie is not the only Scot to go viral with his re-creation of the classic film.

Marc Baker, 17, was filmed throwing back duvet covers, closing blinds and “throwing” soft toys – in a parody of the moment Matilda discovers her telekinetic superpowers in the 1996 film.

The video has since received more than 2 million views after his girlfriend Leah Winchester, 15, posted the clip on Twitter.