America’s Got Talent winner rages at BA over lost ventriloquist dummies


A WINNER of America’s Got Talent went online to accuse British Airways of ruining his act by losing all of his ventriloquist dummies.

Paul Zerdin claims four puppets were lost on a direct flight from London Heathrow to Lisbon Portela Airport on September 11.

In a hilariously savage and bitter video attack on the airline, Zerdin claimed that it was the “third time” British Airways had lost his luggage.

He released another video the next day captioned: “Where in the world are the puppets?”

Zerdin’s act, in which he used a mixture of skills as a ventriloquist and comedy, wowed the judges, Howie mandel, Howard Stern, Mel B and Heidi Klum in the 2015 competition.

Ever since his win on America’s Got Talent Paul has been in-demand selling out most of his shows on his latest tour called “All-Mouth”.

In the video he posted he said:”Here I am at Lisbon airways after having just got off a flight from London’s Heathrow and my case with all my gear didn’t make it onto it. Not a connecting flight but a direct flight.

Zerdin explains that he is currently at the Independence of the Seas cruise liner, which is taking him to Cadiz and that the next flight to Lisbon won’t make it on time, so has to travel directly to Cadiz.

He adds: “If it doesn’t make it to Cadiz then there is going to be now show. This the third time British Airways have lost or mislaid my luggage and frankly I despair.

The comic adds that he is unable to do a 45 minute show with just his hands and no puppets.

“That’s not going to work now is it? I need my luggage. Please British Airways. Please get it to me tomorrow in Cadiz. Please. I beg you. I beg you.

“This is Paul Zerdin News at ten. Really hacked off.”

Paul Zerdin, from London, got his first puppet from a family friend at the age of 10, sparking his love of performing.

The ventriloquists has three main puppets that he uses on his show, including Sam and a grumpy old pensioner called Albert.

Zerdin is by no means the first celebrity to complain publicly about lost luggage at BA.

Scottish Tennis Star Jamie Murray hit out at the airline after they lost his tennis rackets on his journey home after his win at the US open on four days ago.

A spokesman for British Airways revealed today that Zerdin and his puppets had been reunited.

He said: “We have apologised to our customer and returned his bag to him.”