Andy Murray shows off dubious footy skills in hilarious clip


ANDY Murray showed off his football skills in a hilarious clip – where he misses both balls thrown at him and ends up rolling on the ground.

The Scottish tennis star was filmed running across an indoor pitch, while a coach off screen throws balls at him.

The clip, which Murray posted in the early hours of this morning, was accompanied by Chumbawamba’s 1997 hit Tubthumpin’ – known for its refrain “I get knocked down”.

Hilariously, the song was apt as the 31-year-old didn’t manage to catch any of the balls – and ended up rolling on the ground instead.

Murray was offered a trial with Rangers when he was 14-years-old, but turned it down to pursue a tennis career instead.

The tennis pro posted the 15-second-clip of his training session with the caption “Good athlete” and an emoji of a flexing arm.

The clip begins with Murray lying flat on the ground with his hands placed under his chest – ready to push himself up.

Murray suddenly jumps up, and a football can be seen flying from off camera and hurling across the pitch.

However, the three times major winner doesn’t make it in time to catch the ball as it flies past it’s outstretched hand.

He runs to the other side of the pitch and hits the ground again, while the first ball rolls off into the distance.

This time Murray tries to jump up, but stumbles and quickly tries to get speed under himself.

Unfortunately, he falls over instead and ends up rolling on the grass as the football flies over his head.

Murray did get knocked down, but he got up again.

Undeterred, we see the tennis star hit the ground again and jump up as another football is thrown – but we don’t see if he manages to catch it or not as the clip ends.

In November last year, Murray lifted the lid on what he thought life would have been like if he had decided to play for Rangers instead of pursuing tennis.

Murray had a trial for the Glasgow team as a 14-year-old school boy when he played for Gairdoch United.

In May this year it was revealed that Murray will start a “mentorship” role at Hibernian’s academy after his management company took on two players as clients.

The tennis star took on Ryan Porteous and Fraser Murray, both 19, as part of his company which manages athletes and fellow tennis players.

Murray said the club was special to him and his family ever since his grandad played for Hibs in the 1950’s.