Nessie spotted on Google Earth by mum sitting 3,500 miles away in Ohio


THE Loch Ness Monster has been spotted by an American mum sitting 3,500 miles away.

Lisa Stout, from Bellvue, Ohio, was scanning Google Earth’s pictures of the loch when she made her discovery.

The 31-year-old mum and Loch Ness Monster fanatic glimpsed a dark, slender, neck-like object jutting out of the water.

The mysterious object is near Monastery Tower, Fort Augustus, at the southern end of the loch.

Lisa claims she spotted Nessie’s long neck sticking out of the water

The photo dates back to April 2015, when it was added by Google, but was not spotted until September 13 this year by Lisa.

Lisa told the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register: “I had been searching for Nessie on and off for the past few weeks, spending an hour or so a week on Google Earth as well as other places I like to visit in the app.

“I had seen some of the latest Nessie sightings and thought that I can definitely find a better image of her than that which I used for motivation to challenge myself to find her.

This was a before picture marked out by Lisa

“On the 13th at 9.45am, I had got my daughter off to school and began to search for Nessie when I noticed a cluster of pictures taken by an Underwater Earth Contributor all in one area near the Loch Ness Highland Resort in Fort Augustus.

“I noticed what I believe may be the creature known as Nessie – or at the very least what makes up for most of the accounts of Nessie sightings that residents/tourists are seeing and reporting.”

The photo shows a dark figure sticking out of the water looking towards the camera.

The figure is surrounded by water and is set against a backdrop of trees.

This is an after picture marked out by Lisa

The latest glimpse becomes the ninth claimed sighting in 2018 according to those who document the appearances of the mystical beast.

A doctor from Manchester claimed earlier this month that he also spotted Nessie in the Loch.

Dipak Ram sighted the monster on the 5th of September and claims he saw “Nessie’s hump or neck”.

The dark shadow was spotted near Dores Beach at 5:35pm.

Lisa used Google Earth to find the Nessie sighting from her home in Ohio

According to Google the Loch Ness Monster is searched around 200,000 times a month.

This is the not the first time Nessie has turned up on Google Earth.

Bjarne Sj strand found a long object in Loch Ness whilst using Google Earth 800 miles away in Sweden.

Bjarne Sj strand won the best Loch Ness Monster Sighting award for 2014.


  1. its just a bird in flight, seen from behind, which its left wing happens to match the waterline optical. right wing upward. thats it.

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