“Yesterday’s cockroach s***e!” Holidaymaker rants like Inbetweeners’ Will over state of room



A FURIOUS holidaymaker sounds eerily like Will from The Inbetweeners as he rants about the state of his “luxury” hotel room – including “yesterday’s cockroach s***e”.

Alastair Little and his wife, Elizabeth, paid £1,900 for a week at the four star, adults only resort in Morocco.

But Alastair, 36, was appalled to find bugs scuttling across the ceiling, mould, cracks and cockroach poo in their room at the Riu Tikida Beach resort in Agadir.

Alastair, from Lichfield, Staffordshire, claims TUI reps told him: “You can expect bugs in Morocco, and you have not paid extra for an upgraded room.”

The Staffordshire County councillor decided to film a record of the conditions in the room, sarcastically ranting about its shortcomings in a voice like Will McKenzie, the comedy series’ well-spoken serial complainer.

He starts by saying: “It’s smelly!” Alastair then points out mould on the ceiling of his room and said: “First large bit of mould.”

The camera continues to focus on the ceiling as he points out the air conditioning unit which has plaster cracks running round the side of the unit.

The camera pans to the floor and he says: “And we still have yesterday’s cockroach s***e!”.

Alastair, 36, was appalled to find bugs scuttling across the ceiling, mould, cracks and cockroach poo in their room

Alastair steps into the bathroom and says: “Now we’ve left the light on so the bugs don’t climb everywhere, how many have we got now?”

The video shows squashed bugs on the ceiling that haven’t been cleaned up. Alastair states: “We don’t know who squashed that bug, but they did very well, but you would expect it to be cleaned”.

The video then goes to the sun terrace were it shows an untidy garden.

Alastair points out the old gate and says: “That’s our security door, which people come in during the night just to make sure we’re ok.

“It’s very good with having the local drunks come”.

The couple have since been upgraded to a similar room upstairs.

Alastair and Elizabeth said the whole experience has put a damper on their holiday.

The Conservative councillor and his wife, 32, have since been moved rooms but he said: “The room has tainted the first half of the holiday and we are now just waiting around to get home and forget about the experience”.

Alastair, who is due to return on Tuesday, said of a TUI rep: “After viewing the room she was visibly shocked.

“Rather than have another night in that room we would seek a flight home”.

A spokesman for TUI UK said: “We are sorry to hear about the issue with Mr Little’s room on his holiday.

“We would like to thank him for bringing this to our attention and can confirm the couple have been moved to another room. We hope the Little’s enjoy the rest of their holiday.”

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