Video of baby spilling wine on himself goes viral


HILARIOUS footage captures the moment a baby boy spills a glass of red wine all over his face.

The funny clip shows baby Sam Gent picking up his mother, Giselle Gent’s wine glass and drenching himself in the beverage.

Giselle, 36, was shocked by 10-month-old Sammy, grabbing her wine glass and pouring it on his face.

Giselle was videoing Sammy last week as he had just learned how to walk as the mishap occurred.

The mother and son duo from Horsforth, Leeds went viral with the video after Giselle’s husband convinced her to upload the video online.

Giselle is also mother to her four-year-old daughter Holly.

Giselle posted along with the hilarious video: “Some days I question my parental skills… other days…”.

Sammy has just started walking

The video has received over 810,000 views on twitter and has produced a follow up video of the internet sensation Sammy.

The clip shows Sammy waddling towards his mum with a cheeky smile on his face as the pair of them relax in the living room.

Sammy, with his arms stretched out, grasps the sofa in front of him where his mother sits and comforts him.

Giselle was filming Sammy walking when the spillage was captured

Sammy is breathing heavily and appears to be thirsty. He glances over to his right and sees the wine glass sitting on the arm of the sofa next to Giselle.

Giselle can be seen waving at Sammy and holding his hand, oblivious to his next move.

Sammy reaches out with his right hand and grabs the wine glass as he sports a great grin on his face.

Sammy saw the wine glass and reached out to grab it

Before Giselle could grab snatch the wine glass from Sammy it was too late as the baby had spilled the wine all over his face.

Giselle can be heard saying “oh s*” before laughing at her drenched baby.

Sammy with his grin still intact has red wine all over his face and onesie as he starts blinking continuously with the wine changing eyebrow colour from blonde to red.

Giselle couldn’t do anything to stop Sammy getting hold of the glass

The video was posted to Giselle’s twitter account on the 14th of October and has spurred a hug reaction from social media.

Nickjmb said: “I’m very keen to read his tasting notes on the wine”.

TanyaQuigleymua added: “Oh my god. I wouldn’t know wether to laugh or cry”.

Sammy spilled it all over his face in the hilarious clip

Irishdolly22 wrote: “I can’t tell you how hard I laughed at that, perfect”.

TheRealHughesy said: “This is the best thing I’ve seen all day, truly glorious”.

Sineadwhitfield added: “Can’t stop laughing at this. His blonde hair really shows up that red wine!”.

The video has been viewed over 810,000 times

Stay at home mum Giselle was filming sammy walking when they captured his blunder.

Giselle said: “We were at home having a glass of wine and I started the video as Sam has only just started walking.

“He’s quite a lively little rascal, so I should have expected him to try and steal my wine but it all happened quite fast, and my reactions weren’t quite quick enough.

Many people on social media couldn’t contain their laughter

“I had to cut the video where I did because we were laughing so much.

“I wasn’t going to post it online as I thought my lounge looked too messy, but my husband and friend convinced me about a week later”.

Giselle later posted a video on twitter showing Sammy back to his sparkling best with his cheeky smile and a pair of pink and polka dot sunglasses on.

Giselle posted: “Don’t worry. No Sammy was hurt in the making of this video #redwinesammy”.

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