Bizarre moment topless, barefoot man stops in traffic and rages at vehicles


BIZARRE footage shows a topless man who stopped his motorcycle in the middle of town centre road before raging at oncoming traffic.

The man, who is also barefoot, raises his arms and screams and shouts at vehicles in the middle of Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

The video was filmed by Arran King, 17, from Doncaster, who later shared it to the Doncaster Uncovered page where it has gone viral and already amassed 132,000 views.

The clip begins with Arran filming from the top seat of a bus and looking out ahead.

An Iceland delivery van can be seen in the foreground as the topless man appears into view, on his hands and feet at the side of the road.

As the Iceland van travels forward, the man’s motorcycle comes into view, where it has been left standing in the middle of the road.

The man, who appears to be wearing some kind of pyjamas or jogging bottoms, then gets up and approaches the in direction to the right of Arran.

He begins gesticulating wildly and looks to be shouting towards someone or something off camera to Arran’s right

He then walks back to the motorbike as Arran says: “Oh my god.”

The man inflates his arms out at his side, posturing, and again begins shouting and screaming, but more intensely.

As the bus Arran is traveling on slowly moves forward to go around the man, he suddenly begins tensing, punching his fists together, and screaming in a wild rage.

As the bus moves past him, Arran says: “Oh my god he needs help. He should not be riding that motorbike.”

Arran had seen the man on his bike before he filmed the incident.

Speaking today, Arran said: “I witnessed the man riding the motorbike. I saw this when my bus was stopped at the lights situated round the corner.

“I immediately thought something was up as he was not wearing a top or shoes, never mind correct biking gear.

“I then moved to the front of the bus to capture the event in case a of an accident or crime was committed.

The man in the middle of his rage.

“I was frightened for the safety of the passengers on the bus and the man in question.

“I was shocked, which was the main reason I started filming as I had never seen anyone act in this manner in the middle of the road at least.

“I was scared that the man was going to crash his bike or get run over as obviously you don’t wish harm on people.

He added: “I couldn’t help but find it a little funny at first but then I realised the severity of situation.”

Facebook users reacted strongly about the behaviour of the man, though some managed to make light of how he seems to inflate his arms for a wider posture.

Matty Allison commented: “Another reason I don’t go into town much.”

Linda Mee said: “He’s a d*head, someone ought to run him over.”

Luke Walker wrote: “Think Trafford Horgan took them carpets off him.”

Sean Merrion commented: “Fuming that someone stole his carpets.

Adam Hesson said: “What’s the invisible things he’s carrying, is it two carpets or buckets?

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