Shocking moment Celtic fans chant: “Shove your f****** poppy up your a***”


SHOCKING footage shows a group of Celtic fans singing “shove yer f****** poppy up your a***” – just days before the nation marks the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

The clip was taken at last night’s Scottish Premiership match between Dundee and Celtic in Dundee.

The video was posted on @AtCatrina’s Twitter page with the caption “shove yer poppy.”

Her post has been widely criticised with those commenting that the incident was “vile”.

The video was taken during Celtic’s 5-0 away win to Dundee

The short clip, which was taken in the away stand at Dens Park starts off with loud clapping being heard.

Then quite clearly the group of fans chant: “You can shove your f****** poppy, shove your f****** poppy, shove your f****** poppy up your a*.”

The video posted on @AtCatrina’s wall has been viewed more than 45,000 times and also been shared across social media.

On Twitter, Neil Knox said: “Vile scum.”

@WallyBlueEyes said: “I feel for the decent Celtic supporters, I really do, I have plenty of friends who would despair at this. Celtic Football Club need to call them out. This is beyond the pale, it really is lowest of the low.

@ade_newman said: “Vile. Shame they don’t know history of Irish troops fighting in WW1.”

@TheLewisMcinnes commented: “Quite vile. I understand if they don’t want to wear one, but this is nasty.”

The clip was called “vile” on social media

Shaun Davis said: “As a long life Celtic fan I find this behaviour embarrassing. I wear my poppy with pride. Many Celtic players fought and died in both world wars. If the knew there history they would know the facts. Shame on the club for allowing this s* every year.”

@Nimble_Punkin said: “I used to be a [Celtic] season ticket holder because I enjoyed going to the games with my Dad, but when I see Palestine flags and such being waved around, I’m out.”

@dundeeandy said: “Scotland’s shame. Awful supporters.”

Craig Kore commented: “ Your club had better not tell you about the donation they make every year to Poppy Scotland. That would be, well, awkward.”