Moment “disgusting” Amazon delivery man urinates in street outside customer’s home


AN outraged resident has complained to Amazon about a “disgusting” delivery driver she caught urinating outside her home.

A shocking photograph shows the man in a hi-vis jacket apparently urinating against a fence in full view of residents of the street in Bristol.

The snap was taken by Sharon Lumbard, 47, after the driver had delivered a parcel to a neighbour.

Amazon responded to Sharon to say they were investigating the complaint as a “matter of priority”.

The driver was caught in the act by Sharon Lumbard

Sharon, who took the picture on Sunday, complained online the same day: “One of the so called delivery drivers took a p*** in the street. Totally disgusting.”

In a set of images taken by Sharon the driver can be seen taking a break in front of a tree in his bright hi-vis vest before another images shows him walking away and returning to his van.

The last image was a snap of his van, which she sent along with the images to Amazon.

Sharon said today (Tues): “it was disgusting behaviour. I was disgusted with his actions, as there’s a shopping centre near which has eating facilities which he could of used to go to the toilet.

The driver had been delivering a parcel to her neighbour

“I’ve use Amazon, and have actually let one of the delivery drivers use my bathroom, they only need to ask.

“I know he delivered an Amazon parcel to my neighbour, I was watching him from my bedroom window.

“I just had a call from Amazon and the guy said the driver has been dealt with, whatever that means, he didn’t say. And they apologised for the driver’s actions. I expect he’ll do it again.”

Sharon shared numerous emails from Amazon about the incident.

Sharon complained to Amazon “disgusted” by the actions of one of their drivers

One Amazon team member wrote to her: ” We take any allegations of this type very seriously. We are now investigating this matter as a priority.

In another email from the retail giant a team member wrote: “Your comments have been forwarded to senior management within Amazon Logistics who will now investigate the issue with the team responsible for monitoring the independent delivery companies that deliver Amazon parcels, to ensure high standards our customers expect.”

Amazon have since dismissed the driver

In september this year, it was claimed that Amazon delivery drivers are forced to pee in bottle, break the speed limit and face intimidation from bosses to get their deliveries out in time

Amazon said at the time they were working with delivery partners to implement new programmes.

Amazon today revealed the driver had effectively been sacked from working for them.

A spokesman said: “This does not reflect the high standards we have for our delivery service partners.

“The driver will no longer be delivering on behalf of Amazon.”

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