Secret Santa cheat who stitched up school pals unmasked in hilarious social media posts


A SECRET Santa cheat has been hilariously unmasked on social media.

Ross Fergusson volunteered to organise the Secret Santa for his mates from school.

But the 22-year-old secretly fixed it so that every one of the group was told to get a present – for Ross Fergusson.

Unfortunately for “Fergie”, his seasonal scam was unravelled within days as the pals talked among themselves.

And screenshots of their exchanges, as the extent of Fergie’s plot became clear, have gone viral since they were posted online.

Message showing how suspicious Lewis was after ‘Fergie’ told Lewis he was to buy him a present

Lewis Christie posted the screenshots with the caption: “Strong reminder to never let Fergie organise secret santa.”

The first screenshot shows how Ross messaged Lewis saying: “You’ve got me for secret santa.”

When Lewis questioned how secret it was, Ross replied: “I just picked names out the hat – I’m head santa.”

An increasingly suspicious Lewis prophetically joked: “Bet it was only your name in the hat.”

The second image shows Lewis talking to his friend, Callum Mack, asking him who he got to which he replies: “Gus [Ross Fergusson].”

Callum was also buying for Fergie

Callum then messages Lewis again saying “Take it you’re Fergie tae. hahaha.”

Lewis replies: “Aye the scheming wee p***k.”

The next photo shows Lewis chatting to his pal, Jaymie Docherty.

Jaymie says: “A knew straight away man what a wee fixk.”

Jaymie was suspicious from the start

Lewis then messages Ross McAra who confirms the same thing.

Lewis replies: “Right that’s the last straw.”

His post on Twitter received more than 14,000 likes and over 1600 retweets with multiple comments from users who found the incident hilarious.

One of them was “Fergie” himself, who said: “Woulda got away with it too.”

Another Twitter user said: “This is a genius idea tbf.”

After finding out Ross was also to buy for Fergie, Lewis said “that’s the last straw.”

Another user joked: “I’m going to do this.”

Kirsty Watt said: “Hahaha I’ve always wanted to, but never had the guts.”

Speaking today, Lewis said: “He’s always up to no good. I would have rathered someone else do it, I definitely thought he’s given us all him.

“We all actually bought it for a couple of days.”

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