“Only in Costa del Torry” Hilarious moment Aberdeen bar punters strip and dance on tables


HILARIOUS video shows punters in an Aberdeen bar strip to their underwear and dance on tables during an impromptu rave.

The revelers dance wildly, jump off tables, and expose their backsides during the shenanigans at the Golden Tee in Torry, Aberdeen, on Saturday night.

It was then uploaded to Facebook by Rebecca Grace Forbes in the comment section of another video from the same night.

Above the video, an Aberdeen community page posted the caption: “Only in Costa del Torry would you see this on snapchat. Right rave going on.”

The clip begins with dance music playing loudly and the camera filming behind tables which three men are dancing on top of.

At the other end of the bar are the customers, some of them jumping up and down to the tune.

Two of the men on the tables are topless, with one lad with his trousers at his ankles and holding his shirt out as he thrusts his hips.

The men were dancing on the tables in an impromptu rave

Off camera there is laughter, whistling, and shouts of support from other customers.

Some of the customers can be seen filming the action from across the bar, with a few dancing at different points along with the men.

The large man on the table at the far left takes his top off while wiggling his backside.

He suddenly then leaps off the table.

At times even bearing all for their audience

The other young man with his trousers at this ankles continues with his unique set of dance maneuvers.

Customers on the floor can still be seen joining in, bouncing up and down, waving arms in the air.

The man on the left thrusts his hips in an increasingly sexual fashion, pointing out towards other customers.

The video was posted to social media and went viral

The video comes to an end without any hint of the dancing letting up or the bar quietening down.

Facebook users found the video hilarious, with many wishing they could go to the bar themselves.

Aberdeen Guardian wrote: “Have a feeling this bar will be out the door next weekend.”

The Golden Tee in Torry, Aberdeen was the place of mischief

Tina Totz said: “I want to be there. Lol looks ace.”

Pauline Forbes commented: “Defo know how to party, ace.”

Laura Hunter wrote: “Looks a good laugh and a place where you wouldn’t feel out of sorts wearing your PJ’s, tanking some bombs.”

Paul Krukowski added: “Love it.”