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How Can SMEs Remain Competitive Post Brexit?

By Rlevente

There is no doubting that the last two years have been incredibly hard on SMEs and business owners across the UK. The uncertainty which has pervaded the economy as Brexit negotiations have been underway has meant that planning ahead for Brexit has been extremely difficult.

Now, with the end in sight, SMEs must do their best to prepare for the changes which are sure to take place in the UK economy. This may be challenging, but it is crucial that they remain adaptable all the same. Here are some of the ways they can remain competitive post Brexit.


Trade Deals

The potential for new trade deals with countries across the world has been touted as one of the key benefits of leaving the EU, so SMEs would do well to keep an eye on any potential opportunities which may open up after Brexit.

A deal with the US, for example, may well benefit certain industries, so those businesses which are quick to seize on this may well be able to ride the Brexit storm. Of course, such deals may take some time to come to fruition, so they cannot necessarily be relied on.


Use All Available Resources

Technology has been driving change and progression in SMEs for many years now, so continuing to follow this trend could help them to continue to grow after Brexit. Keeping an eye on new technologies which can be leveraged to help them improve their internal operations should be a good way of ensuring they are both effective and efficient.

One such example would be using a managed payroll provider, who can help them to streamline their payroll process and save a great deal of time and money, which will undoubtedly be even more precious in the Brexit aftermath.  



It has been widely accepted that the pound will weaken after the Brexit date, but this could actually help smaller businesses which are seeking investment. Private equity firms will be able to make use of the weaker pound to invest in a greater number of industries, thus throwing a lifeline to SMEs.

Provided their business model is sound, and that they have good potential for growth, it could be more than possible for them to access greater levels of funding than they currently have access to.

Ultimately, Brexit may not spell bad news for SMEs. That being said, the future remains uncertain, so expecting the unexpected may go a long way in helping them to remain competitive.

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