Hilarious moment Jesus and his disciples steal chef statue from outside restaurant


HILARIOUS video shows the moment Jesus and his disciples steal a statue from outside a restaurant.

Jesus – complete with flowing robes, sandals and beard – was crime Lord to the fancy dress group who nicked the chef outside CriDo’s.

Despite an impassioned plea from the owner for a safe return, the statue was later found decapitated in two different areas of a town 70 miles away.

The video, taken from the restaurant premises on Saturday night, shows Jesus strolling nonchalantly ahead of the others.

Jesus was captured in Perth city centre

The Messiah then turns and serenely watches as the chef statue, behind cover of a large canopy, is grabbed.

Seconds after Jesus exits the frame, one of his elf companions is seen dragging the £500 statue, which weighed a hefty 40kg, and named Geovani.

Pictures, then appeared on social media, confirming the worst.

Geovani’s head was found in Stonehaven and his body in a different area of the town.

One of his companion’s was seen with the statue

Speaking today, owner Cristian Cojocaru, 42, said: “We believe it was an amateur football team from Stonehaven.

“They had a special bus for them taking them around.”

He added: “It was really busy, we never noticed anything at the time.

“The windows were steamed up so we couldn’t see outside.”

On social media, Elaine McPherson wrote: “Glad he has been found but awful he has lost his head. I hope they can replace it for you.”

Images emerged on social media of the statue’s head

Kathryn Long said: “Little s***s. They hit our cars at the side of Brown and Blacks. Surprised they got in anywhere. Hope you find it, surely can’t be far.”

Lee Lee Harvey commented: “Think the coppers picked up his body, not sure if someone got to his head that was under the Arches.”

Kelly Qualters wrote: “His head was in the Market last night.”

Bruce Greig attempted to place the incident in context, writing: “People getting stabbed in London, shot in America. Meanwhile in Perth Jesus on a bender kidnaps a plastic chef.”

Police Scotland today confirmed they were looking for Jesus and his followers.

The owners of the restaurant demanded the statue to be returned

A spokesman confirmed they are “investigating the theft of a life-sized wooden statue of a chef from outside a restaurant in St John’s Place, Perth, between 6-7:30pm on Saturday 1st December”.

He added: “The statue was carried off by members of a group who appeared to be in fancy dress, with a person wearing a red and green elf outfit seen to be carrying it.

“While they may have thought it was a prank, this is still theft and is being dealt with as such.

“CCTV in Perth city centre is being reviewed to trace the movements of the group. If anyone has any information that could assist our enquiries, please call 101. Our reference is CR/29395/18.”