Nicky Campbell pogos in BBC 5 Live studio in tribute to Buzzcocks legend Pete Shelley


HILARIOUS video shows Nicky Campbell rolling back the years and pogoing in tribute to Buzzcocks legend Pete Shelley.

The BBC 5 Live presenter gets up from his seat and, despite being 57, jumps up and down like it was the late 1970s.

Campbell and fellow host Sean Farrington were playing the Buzzcocks track ‘What Do I Get’ in a tribute to Shelley who passed away yesterday in Estonia (thu) of a suspected heart attack.

Farrington this morning tweeted the video saying “What’s the “pogo”? I asked @nickyaacampbell, as #buzzcocks played @bbc5live.”

Campbell retweeted the video and said “Pogoing on the Radio to Buzzcocks ‘What Do I Get’. Pete Shelley RIP made me do this so often back in the halcyon days.”

The video shows Campbell jumping up and down with his hands by his side as he listened to the song whilst it was being aired on the radio.

Campbell can be seen with his arms by his side and his body erect imitating what it would be like at one of the Buzzcocks’ concerts during the punk era.

Campbell looks in physical pain as he fights to the very end of the song to keep pogoing.

Nicky was pogoing in tribute to the late Pete Shelley

He then falls to the ground almost hitting his head of his chair just as the song comes to an end.

Campbell gets up immediately and continues to pogo a few more times. His face this in considerable pain as co-host sean gives him a countdown to when they go back on air.

Co-host Sean then says to the listeners “Nicky basically was trying to hit his head on the ceiling” as Campbell gets back into his seat and gives a long sigh after a strenuous workout.

Nicky had a bit of a fall as he was going pogoing 

The video has got many people commending Campbell’s efforts on his pogoing.

LadedaJoe said: “Still got it Nicky!”

Worldofmrs added: “Fabulous made me smile on the grey morning sod Brexit let’s pogo.”

DeepZepSnakes wrote: “Brilliant Nicky, go for it. You just have to when you hear a great tune. Don’t let your daughters watch though, my son hates it when I dance.”

But he got back up on his feet and continued to dance

However, some felt that Campbell’s days of pogoing are well and truly behind him.

Darren_Fewins said: “I have a spare appointment next Monday morning.”

Shooglie added: “Nicky darling, those days have gone.”

Shizbala2112 wrote: “Steady on lad, not getting any younger y’know.”

Paintedhare sarcastically said: “Very nimble there Nicky.”