Hilarious moment bungling “scroat” burglars run for their lives after targeting occupied home


HILARIOUS video shows bungling burglars run for their lives after trying to break in to a property – while the owner was still inside.

CCTV shows the dozy crooks target the property despite the homeowner welcoming a guest just moments earlier.

The criminals try to force a door but then sprint for safety and jump a wall as a the enraged homeowner charges outside.

The gang speed off as their intended victim pelts their vehicle with well-aimed chunks of wood, one of which knocks off part of the rear light.

Steve Burke, from Scholes, West Yorkshire, captured the attack by “scroats” on his home at 4pm on Sunday.

The crooks were unaware that the homeowner was still in the house

Steve uploaded the video Facebook later that day saying “Video from today’s attempted break in. Think car is a Seat Leon – lad got a red Hilti jacket on.”

The video shows a man wearing a navy jumper walk into the back door of the house moments before three burglars jump the fence into the property.

The three men scour the area to check it’s clear before one burglar begins the break-in at the back door whilst the others watch as lookouts.

One of the burglars can be seen trying to break into the back door with what appears to be a set of bolt cutters.

After a few minutes a burglar wearing a red hoodie which is believed to have ‘Hilti’ written on it runs from around the corner.

One of the burglars was seen with a set of bolt cutters

At this point all three burglars run towards the fence to jump over it, as Steve comes running out to chase them off.

The three men pile into the white Seat and try to escape, however, Steve throws a block of wood at the car as he defends his property.

Vicki Firth responded on social media: “I would loved to have seen the chap’s face when he made eye contact with someone in the house. It’s crazy they never spotted someone entering the house.”

Jill Adams Kenny said: “Unbelievable. Makes me so angry. We work so hard and these b* think it’s ok to take what we’ve paid for. You do need a very large dog.”

Antony Shrivell added: “Can’t believe they got in and out so easily.”

Niall Williams wrote: “Mental this cheeky c****”

Debs Hughes said: “It makes me feel uneasy knowing someone has been looking round your property with intent to steal hope you find out who it was Steve.”

Steve, 53, tried to throw a block of wood defending his property

Steve also posted a picture of the Seat’s broken rear light, asking pals: “Anybody got any idea what car this rear light belongs to? They just tried to break into our house and this fell off when I hit it with a piece of wood. The car was white with three scroats in it.”

Steve, 53, today told of his disbelief at the gang trying noisily to break in as he chatted inside to a pal.

He said: “I heard the first banging noise and dismissed it because I thought it was my wife coming home.

“Then I heard a second banging noise and turned around and looked out of the window where I saw the young guy in the red hoodie. My first reaction was to run after them.”

Steve, who owns a window cleaning business and only moved into the property three weeks ago, revealed the gang even had a getaway driver.

Steve took to social media to try and find the suspects

He said: “There was four of them. When I threw a block of wood at the car I noticed their was someone in the driver’s seat ready to go.”

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said: “Police record at offence of attempted burglary in relation to this incident which took place at about 3.30pm on Sunday January 6th at an address on Westfield Lane, Scholes.

“The offenders made off from the scene in a white medium size hatchback.

“Anyone who saw this vehicle on the street at around the time of the incident or who has any information about the offence is asked to contact Kirklees District Police on 101 referencing crime number 13190009531.

Information can also be given anonymously to the independent Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111.”

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