Hilarious moment “Scouse dentist” rips out pal’s rotten tooth with pair of pliers


HILARIOUS video shows a self-styled “Scouse dentist” rip out a pal’s rotten tooth with a pair of pliers.

The amateur dentist, known only as “Charlie”, compares himself with the late gangster “Mad” Frankie Fraser, as his patient quails in the background.

Charlie performs his DIY dentistry in what is believed to be a hotel room in Slough, Berkshire.

His patient, “Dodsy”, is anesthetised with a can of beer, a shot of what appears to be whisky, and a tablet.

Having pulled the bad molar, prompting a roar of pain from Dodsy, a triumphant Charlie presents the tooth to camera and exclaims: “Put that under your pillow!”

The clip, which was posted to Ste Stefano Grimes’s Facebook page, has been viewed more than 500,000 times since it was posted on December 29.

It was uploaded with the caption: “Charlie the Scouse dentist. Funny as f***.”

As the men walk towards their room, Charlie can be heard saying: “Dodsy, who’s a s***ebag, hasn’t been to the dentist [and] is in agony with his tooth.”

He then turns the camera round to face him holding the pliers and says: “Charles is going to operate.”

As they prepare for the ‘operation’ ‘Dodsy’ looks visibly terrified as Charlie comically puts two napkins around his collar as “surgical gowns” as he continues to show off the “surgical equipment” he plans on using to remove the tooth. .

Charlie can then be heard saying “I have been asked whether I had done this before and I said yes, I have done this quite a few times.”

The “scouse dentist” tries to recreate a dentist’s room by leaning a tub chair back against the wall and direct a lamp towards it.

However, rather understandably, Dodsy asks to lie on the bed as he is being operated on.

Dodsy then takes the anesthetic which includes a can of beer, a shot of whisky and a pill of some kind.

He then lies down on the bed as Charlie claims: “I’ll get it out in one go.”

Dodsy then opens his mouth widely as the pliers are put in and clamp a hold of his tooth.

Charlie can then be heard saying, “you on this Andy” as pulls a tooth out of Dodsy’s mouth.

Dodsy lets out a scream as Charlie hold the tooth out saying, “here is the offending object.”

He then says, “now Charlie, aka Frankie Fraser, pulls teeth out” in reference to the notorious gangster who had a reputation of pulling victim’s teeth out.

Online, Dazz Dazz responded: “Great that lad haha.”

Kelly Givan commented: “Oh my god I was scared to watch that, thought he was gonna hurt him haha x.”

Danika Vallance Newest said: “How funny is Charlie.”

Laura Woch who shared the post along with the caption: “Mad c*** haha.”

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