Chilling moment boy’s three-month-old puppy is stolen as he takes it for walk


HEARTBREAKING video shows a young boy chasing a thief who picked up and stole his puppy while they were out for a walk.

The footage shows the increasingly anxious youngster tagging along after an older boy who is carrying pet in his arms.

When the thief starts running away with the dog the desperate young boy sprints after him, doing his best to catch up.

The heart-rending scenes were captured on CCTV in Crewe, Cheshire, around midday last Friday.

Filmed from a camera overlooking the car park at the town’s Underwood Lane Social Club, they show a three-month-old Jack Russell called Mela being stolen.

A Facebook group called ‘Find Stolen Mela Crewe Cheshire’ has been set to raise awareness.

The group posted: “This is the moment Mela was stolen from Underwood Lane. The next area this person was caught on camera was Derby Street.

“Prior to this Mela was being walked on her lead. This person approached and joined Mela’s young owner on the walk and then proceeded to talk to him and then pick Mela up.

“The young boy hurried along the side of him trying to keep up with him.

“Once they got to this corner that you can see he then decided to make his move and run off with her.

“If you have sound this will break your heart as much as it as ours, he is shouting stop.

“We need to find her. We need to bring her home.”

The video shows the teenager who is wearing dark shoes and bottoms and a grey hoodie carrying Mela in his hands whilst the little boy walks beside him crossing the road.

The pair of them continue to walk together before coming to the edge of the pavement the thief begins to jog across the road with Mela still clutched under his armpit.

The boy then begins to chase after him across the road realising he was stealing Mela.

The thief then races ahead out of sight with the boy trying to keep up behind him.

The video has sparked an incredible response from people trying to help bring Mela back, as well as angry outbursts from people about the thief.

Aleksandra Pater wrote online: “The younger boy was my son and the dog was picked up without his permission.

“We had put some posters up in one of the high schools. We believe she is still alive.”

Pat Taylor said: “How horrible this poor little boy can’t keep up. Bless him. Hopefully everyone keep sharing we will get Mela back to you and [the] little s*** that took Mela will eventually be caught.”

Bev Henderson added: “Absolutely disgraceful – that poor little boy on a busy road as well. Whoever has taken this pup needs catching. Have the police been given this footage because this is daylight robbery?”

Hayley Parry wrote: “How can someone just snatch a pup off a little boy like that? Poor boy must be heartbroken. Really wish I knew who it was, is there no way of clearing his face up a bit?”

Joanne McGarry said: “This lad must be local, does the young lad not know him? He doesn’t look uncomfortable walking along with him at the start of the footage. Come on people share this far and wide someone must recognise this lad!”

Charlotte Henderson-Orme added: “Somebody may recognise this low life who took this puppy out of this little boy’s hands. Poor little boy I hope he’s ok. Keep sharing somebody out there may recognise him. Keeping my fingers crossed.”

Cheshire Police are currently investigating the theft and are appealing for information.

A Spokeswoman said: “Police are appealing for information following the theft of a Jack Russell Terrier puppy in Crewe.

“At 1pm on Friday 4 January police were called to reports of a theft of a Jack Russell Terrier puppy on Badger Avenue in Crewe.

“The victim was walking from Barnabus Avenue to Badger Avenue when a male grabbed the lead of the dog and ran away towards the playing fields at Crossroads.”

Sgt John Myatt added: “This is obviously a very distressing time for the family who are missing Mela very much. I urge anyone who knows the whereabouts of Mela to have a conscience and make contact. We just want Mela home safe and back where she belongs, with her family.”

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