Mum shares unique approach to potty training – cover the entire room in incontinence pads


A MUM has shared her unique approach to the age-old problem of potty training – covering the entire floor in incontinence pads.

Pictures taken by Shona McLoughlin show her entire floor neatly covered with the pads with a potty in the middle of the room.

The professional photographer from Preston, Lancashire, has reached the stage with her daughter Erin that all parents dread: how to train them out of nappies?

Shona posted her wholesale solution to social media on Tuesday afternoon.

Shona’s daughter watches the telly surrounded by plenty of incontinence pads

She wrote: “Day one. Am I doing it right? Sat here waiting for her to pee. Do I just keep sitting her on the potty and hope she gets it? I’ve no idea what I’m doing.”

One image clearly shows a small potty in the middle of the floor surrounded by the pads.

Another image shows another angle of the room with all of her daughter’s toys neatly lined up against the wall and the pads placed around them leaving no inch of the floor uncovered.

Her daughter can then be seen standing next to the potty on the floor whilst watching a programme on Cbeebies.

Shona McLoughlin posted pictures of her new way to tackle potty training

Shona even proves how far she has gone with the technique by uploading an image of the area covered in the pads blocked off by a baby gate.

Shona has been updating her attempts since the original post in the comments where yesterday afternoon she uploaded a picture of the potty now in just one corner of the room surrounded by just a few of the pads.

In another update, Shona says: “Not a single accident. She just waits until I pop her nappy on while she’s sat at the table eating, then tells me she’s going and demands I change her straight away. Going to have to pad the dining chair. Child, please forgive me.”

The post has generated a lot of reaction online, with social media users drawn to her unusual method.

Shona revealed the extent of her coverage went as far as the baby gate let her

Claire Davis wrote: “Bit overboard on the pads like lol.”

Jo Camm said: “Think you’ve got this toilet training all mixed up. Erin’s supposed to wee in the potty not all over your ENTIRE house!!”

Adam Kendall commented: “This looks like some kind of weird art installation.”

Shona explained her decision to use the pads by saying: “This is ‘just incase’ she misses… Or maybe its a plot to get a puppy.”

Shona pleaded with her Facebook followers to help her with techniques

Some users were cheered up by the pictures. Cat Morewin said: “This has amused me! She will almost definitely find an uncovered spot to pee on!”

Shona responded to that comment by uploading the picture of her daughter inside the fenced area.

Cassie Davey said: “Love this, been wondering how to tackle potty training!”

One Facebook user agreed this was the way to go based on their own experience.

Social media users were drawn to the new method

Vanessa Lowe commented: “This is ace. My two both s*** on the rug way too many times.”

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