“Humans suck” Sickening pictures show dog left with blade lodged so deep it was found later by vet



HORRIFIC pictures show vets saving the life of a dog that had a knife plunged deep into the back of its neck.

The sickening images show the gaping wound caused when the blade was lodged in the Johnston Bull Terrier’s neck.

The knife had been plunged so deep it was not actually discovered until a vet examined the animal.

The images, released by the Scottish SPCA in a bid to trace the culprit, caused shock and anger on social media.

The Johnston Bull Terrier was found by a member of the public

Sally McIntosh Anderson summed up the feelings of most animal lovers when she wrote: “His wee face. That’s horrendous. Humans suck.”

The dog was found on Hay Drive, Edinburgh by a member of the public on January 7 at around 8am.

Scottish SPCA senior inspector John Toule said: “After taking the dog to a vet, a blade was discovered lodged deep within the dog’s neck.

A blade was founded embedded in the dog’s neck

“Thankfully, he is in a stable condition and responding well to treatment following surgery.

“We are seeking information regarding the incident and anyone who may have any information is being urged to contact our confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999.”

One photo shows the Johnston Bull Terrier lying on a treatment table as blood can be seen staining his face. The dog looks to be in considerable pain as vets are trying to treat the pooch.

The Scottish SPCA are appealing to the public for any information regarding the incident

Another photo shows the brutality of the attack and the wound left by the attacker and their blade.

The wound is gaping as the dog’s flesh is visible through the fur. Blood has hardened over the dog’s head as the colour turns from red to black as it wears a purple harness.

Gabriella Robertson wrote on social media: “Heartbreaking, how could anyone do this to such a beautiful dog. Vile world we live in.”

The photos have sickened many people

Michelle Doyle wrote: “This makes me sick. How people can actually do this to a animal? There should be a heavier punishment against the cruelty of animals. I hope the dog makes a full recovery and finds a loving home. Poor dog.”

Jason Duthie said: “Poor dog. Hope they are found and get what they deserve.”

Scott Innes added: “What an utter disgrace the person needs found instantly I say person but really if they do that sort of thing that’s not even human give them karma and the same treatment.”

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  1. This is truly disgusting, the cruelty these morons inflict on these harmless loving animals, beggars belief ?

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