“I’m somewhat of an entomologist” Patronising Tesco customer assistant corrects shopper in LATIN


A TESCO shopper has blasted a “patronising” online customer assistant who corrected her complaint – in Latin.

The lunch came with an unwanted extra ingredient

Siobhan Neiles was disgusted to find what she thought was a mosquito in her lunch and complained online.

The 33-year-old was appalled when a member of the customer service team identified himself as “somewhat of an entomologist”.

Missing the point of her complaint, the smart aleck resorted to Latin, adding that the mosquito was in fact a fly from “from the family Simuliidae”.

Siobhan, from Ashford, Kent, bought the Tomato and Basil Vegetable Pot from her local store and had started eating when she discovered the insect.

Siobhan felt ill imagining how many diseases the insect could carry

She posted: “When you’re at work tucking in to what you think is a healthy lunch to find a massive dirty mosquito in your veg pot.

“Thanks Tesco – now I feel sick. Hopefully you wash and quality check these better next time. I’ve thrown the other two I have purchased in the bin.”

Her complaint received a response from a Toby Murray who wrote: “I’m somewhat of an amateur entomologist so you’ll be pleased to know the insect is most certainly not a mosquito and appears to be a fly from the family Simuliidae.

“This doesn’t make the discovery any more pleasant but hopefully your fears associated with it possibly being a mosquito have been quelled.”

Siobhan found the response patronising and still hasn’t had a refund or an appology

Toby added: “Our Great British climate makes it all but impossible for mosquitos to survive here.”

Speaking today, Siobhan said: “To be honest I would have left the whole thing if they had sent me an apology in their response and a refund of the money I spent.

“I haven’t received either and got the patronising response back.”

She added: “It’s almost like he was making a joke of it. And he isn’t even correct, there are over 30 species [of mosquito] in the UK.”

Siobhan is yet to receive an apology or a refund from Tesco

On social media, Elsie Coke said: “I’d go into the store as well, ask to see the manager, and complain about the response from customer service. He should get a smack for that response.”

Anita Jaynes commented: “I don’t like the attitude! It’s not the reply I would’ve expected!!

“It’s worse than that, Environmental Health need to get involved. This will be taken very seriously. You should be given compensation. You poor thing!”

Referring to the email she received, Siobhan asks one of the Facebook users who commented on her post to reply on her behalf.

She says: “Elsie Coke maybe I need you to write me a response email to them after they felt like patronising me.”

Elsie Coke replied: “Happy to oblige, although starting the email ‘Dear patronising t***’ might not get the response you want!”

Siobhan continued: “He isn’t even right about the mosquito situation. You would think he would do his research before throwing ‘facts’ at someone.”

One of Siobhan’s trusted Facebook allies, Anita Jaynes, approached Tesco on Twitter explaining the customer service issue by saying: “A science lesson when you’re expecting some kind of apology is not cricket!”

Tesco declined to comment.

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