Moment fox hunters bring road to standstill as they try to control riderless horse


DRAMATIC video shows the moment a fox hunters blocked a main road as they struggled to control a riderless horse.

The horse is seen running past the driver filming the scene as riders in the middle of the road try to restore order.

Fife and Central Scotland Hunt Sabs, an organisation who attempt to disrupt fox hunting, filmed the incident on Saturday near a farm about eight miles south of St Andrews.

The group posted the video with the claim the hunters “engander road users by losing control of a horse not once, but twice”.

The clip begins with the saboteur team filming from their car and driving up to a group of riders on their horses who are blocking the road.

A line of cars travelling in the opposite direction cannot get past the group of horses and riders.

As the team filming get closer, a dog can be seen running around the road, with around six or seven horses and riders in total.

Suddenly, a horse to the left of the saboteur’s car breaks loose without a rider or anyone in control of it.

It runs in the opposite direction of the rest of the group of horses, coming past the car, and with another rider and horse on its right – seemingly trying to keep it under control.

A female voice can be heard saying: “Oh my god, oh f hell. Idiots. What are they doing? Idiots.”

A blue car coming from the opposite direction, slowly moves past the horses and eventually manages to get past, but a line of oncoming cars are still blocked and at a standstill.

The horses on the road, and another group of approximately five to the left of the road can be seen milling about, seemingly without aim or direction.

One female voice in the car says: “Can’t control their horses.”

Another female voice says: “That horse isn’t liking it either… What are they laughing at?”

Though the road itself is cleared, the cars from the opposite direction are still at a standstill, with horses and riders to the left and below the road.

Two horses can be seen, one with a rider on top, the other with a rider standing by its side.

The horse without anyone riding suddenly breaks loose, jumps onto the road by itself, and runs past the right hand side of the saboteurs – another horse and rider in tow.

A female voice in the car says: “Jesus Christ”.

The fox hunters caused chaos on the road trying to control a riderless horse

Speaking today, a member of the saboteur team said: “I can tell you that it looked as though the horse did not want to make a jump possibly also due to the ground being soft and slippery due to the wet conditions on Saturday.

“The rider came off and as you can see the horse managed to get away.”

Suzanne Russell responded online: “Those people care about the horses and dogs in the same way they care about foxes and other wildlife.”

David Johnston commented: “Shower of absolute a***holes.”

Patricia Kime said: “Complete madness. Who do they think they are? Poor animals.”

Gina O’Neill remakred: “Bloody menace to anything in their path, human and animals.”

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