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PDF to Word Converter: Safely convert your PDF files to Word


Most of the documents these days are in the PDF format. Without a doubt, this format has unlimited benefits which has given it the upper hand over other formats.

For instance, these files can be viewed or opened on any device or any operating system in the same form as it was created in.

These files can also be secured with the help of password. It enables users to use electronic signatures to determine the authenticity of the content.

But as everything in the world has drawbacks along with a positive side, similarly PDF documents also have some disadvantages.

Hence, to overcome those it is better to convert PDF to Word, as changing the file format allows you to make desired or needed changes to the file.

Let’s have a look at how changing PDF to Word can prove helpful:

How is Word file more helpful than PDF?

Doc or word files are also one of the most commonly used formats of the world now. Moreover, it covers many things which are lacked by other forms especially pdf documents.

  1. Edit the content

The power of a PDF file is that it is not editable. That sounds like a good thing, and it indeed is but what if you need to make a few changes? You first have to download a specific app to enable editing then you can further proceed.

However, this is the case with the documents that are not scanned. When it comes to the ones which are examined, then it is impossible to modify the text.

So, if you want any content editable, then the best way to do it is to either create a Word file in the first place or use a our tool .

  1. Check for Grammar & Spelling

It is a known fact that MS Word comes with a built-in grammar and spell checker. Unlike many other formats of documents, if you convert your file into a Word one, then you will be able to most grammatical and spelling errors.

Unlike PDF file, Word file is easy to check for mistakes and make amendments.

So, if you do not have any extra time to proofread the document and want to have an error-free content, then you can correct the mistakes in real time in Word file.

  1. Free Word Counter

Using a PDF to Word converter will change the format of your file almost instantly, and you can then open the document in Word.

MS Office is a software application that is easily available and already installed on most systems. So, there is no need to go through additional hassle!

Another plus point of MS Word is that it also has a built-in character or word counter.

There is a display of real-time word count at the bottom of the Word window.

This counter is updated as you are writing. This can help you fulfill the requirements.

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  1. Document Sharing

Sharing of documents can be done with PDF too, but if you are working collectively on a document, then the conversion from PDF to Doc will be more convenient for you.

For example, if you were given the assignment to write content and your colleague has to insert the related images in it then if you would send PDF file, it won’t be feasible to access and edit the files.

So, if you have a PDF file, and you need to share it as you are working on it or you know that the recipient is supposed to edit the file as well, then it is better to convert the file using a PDF to Word converter tool.

  1. Cross-Platform Availability

If you want to open up and edit a PDF file you have on your iPad, then again transforming it into a Word will save you time and trouble, and you will not have to open up your laptop.

It is easily accessible on Windows and Mac OS. Also, Word can be utilized on iOS and iPad through Office 365.

The tool can also be used in your device as it is web-based; therefore, you easily can first convert the format of your file and then peacefully edit it on your iOS device.


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