Tesco apologise as tot, 18 months, eats custard from carton contaminated with revolting black mould


TESCO has apologised after two young children ate from a carton of custard contaminated with a huge blob of black mould.

The firm is investigating after Stacey-Ann Mccarthy unsuspectingly plated up the revolting slop to her sons, one of whom is only 18 months old.

Stacey-Ann, 32, bought the own brand custard from Tesco Extra at Clifton Retail Park, Blackpool, Lancashire on Wednesday.

The product had a best before date of August 2019 but was in no fit state to be eaten by anyone, let alone her boys, Bobbyjorge, six, and Freddyjorge, 18-months.

She told Tesco on their Facebook page: “Last night I was making me and my two sons…some apple crumble and custard.

“I did their [bowls] first and gave it them. I then started to do mine and seen something black pop out so I stopped and took the kids’ off them.

“I got my phone to record whatever was coming out. It’s clear in the video that it was a big lump of mould. The date on the custard is August 2019.

“I’m absolutely disgusted at this. Young children have eaten it.”

Stacey-Ann continued to post “Video of it out. How can you sell things like this knowing children will most probably be eating it?”

Stacey complained to Tesco on Facebook.

Tesco responded on one of her posts saying “I would advise returning to a Metro, Superstore or Extra store with the custard, packaging and receipt.

“My colleagues at the Customer Service Desk will fill in a Product Quality Form with yourself and have this sent away for investigation.”

The video shows Stacey-Ann pouring the Tesco own brand custard into her bowl.

At first it seems to be completely fine pouring the yellow liquid out as normal.

Stacey-Ann squeezes the carton to get every last inch of custard out in the bowl.

Tesco wrote that the video was not loading on their system to view.

Suddenly a gloop of black and yellow falls out of the custard carton and rest at the top of the custard pile.

A horrified Stacey-Ann then grabs a spoon and begins stirring the custard revealing the extent of the large foreign object.

The object looks clear to be a piece of mould which looks to have solidified as Stacey-Ann continues to stir the custard in the bowl.

Stacey-Ann’s first concern when she discovered the mould was for her children.

Stacey-Ann said: “I was mortified when I seen it. Both my children had eaten some of the custard before I seen the mould but as soon as I seen it I took it off them. I explained why to my six-year old, but my 18-month-old didn’t understand and was very upset. Luckily my children haven’t been affected by it.”

Stacey-Ann felt that it was important for her to capture evidence of the mould.

She added: “I got my phone and a bowl, and decided to film the black stuff coming out because the custard was in date till August 2019 so I knew it wasn’t normal. I knew a video couldn’t lie as I know how some companies will try and fob you off, and if I video it they couldn’t do that.”

Stacey-Ann was mortified by what she had found.

She continues: “I’m absolutely disgusted about what I found, it could of seriously harmed my children and I’ve been in and out of hospital for the past three weeks because of severe pain in my lower abdomen. This could have made me worse if I had eaten it.

“It’s worrying that Tesco are selling this product when possible sick people and children will be eating it.”

Tesco today have said that they are investigating the incident.

A spokesman from Tesco said: “We’ve apologised to the customer and are investigating how this may have happened.”

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