Moment Tesco delivery driver gets stuck after parking on grass verge


HILARIOUS video shows a Tesco delivery driver desperately trying to free his van after parking on a grass verge.

The hapless worker drives the van backwards and forwards in a vain bid to get back on to the road – as onlookers laugh and jeer.

But the driver’s day went from bad to worse after he failed to extricate his vehicle after 15 minutes and had to be towed off the verge.

The incident happened in Reigate, Surrey, on Sunday after the van parked on the verge in an apparently well-intentioned effort to avoid blocking the road.

The clip was uploaded to Facebookk with the caption:“Tesco’s… Every Little Helps …” followed by three laughing emojis.

In the short clip, people in a car can be heard having a conversation as the Tesco driver moves backwards and forwards in a bid to release himself.

But the backwards and forwards motion, combined with spinning rear wheels, only serves to make the problem worse.

The person behind the camera, who did not want to be named, can be heard saying: “He ain’t getting out there.

“Good luck with that.” The other passengers in the car can be heard laughing in the background.

The van was stuck on the grass verge before it was towed away

The anonymous poster can then be heard laughing before saying: “Bump, Get him out of there.”

His friend can be heard saying: “We got a wide angle going for these bad, bad, bad Tesco Drivers.

“He’s been on the job for six years and he still can’t f drive.”

A customer service agent for Tesco replied to the poster writing: “Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Was the van blocking your drive?”

That question angered some viewers of the clip, including James Harringfield. who wrote: “Nice to know they have their staff’s back.”

Ben Johnson posted: “Tesco straight in with, ‘Driver in the wrong’.”

Others criticised the person who filmed and posted the video, including Johnny Reilly.

He wrote: “Mistakes happen and the poor driver being filmed by k***heads like you mocking and laughing.”

Tesco declined to comment

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