Homeowner burgled during hospital visit posts footage after “imbecile”crooks fail to disable CCTV


A BURGLARY victim has released pictures showing how her home was trashed – while she was at hospital with her partner who is being tested for dementia.

The 57-year-old victim returned home to discover that among the items stolen was a ring given to her by her late father.

But the burglars bungled an attempt to disable the CCTV system at her property and she has released footage in a desperate bid to help catch the criminals.

The break-in happened on Monday morning in Gildersome, West Yorkshire.

The woman’s son, Daniel Thornton, 31, posted the CCTV footage and photos on Facebook, writing: “Please share far and wide for everyone to see. These are the low life scruffy bs that broke into my mum’s house and absolutely ransacked the place.

“These people need to be caught so this doesn’t happen again, lots of jewellery and sentimental valuables taken thanks in advance.”

Daniel revealed that the burglars cut off power to the house in the hope of disabling the CCTV system. They also redirected the cameras to avoid being filmed.

The thieves immediately went for the electric box to turn off the power

But they did not realise the cameras are powered separately and stopped in full view of the CCTV.

The homeowner revealed the stolen ring from her father was engraved: “All my love, dad XXX.”

She said: “I’m devastated. It’s all the sentimental things they stole that hurts the most. Now I’m constantly worrying they’ll come back.”

The house was ransacked in just eight minutes

She added: “They have given themselves away. They think they have turned the CCTV off by shutting down the electric box in the house, but they haven’t. They are imbeciles.”

She said she was only out of the house for a few hours accompanying her 69-year-old fiance to hospital where he was being tested for cognitive problems possibly linked to dementia.

Photographs show the extent of the damage the burgalrs caused to the property including smashed windows and upturned rooms.

The woman was gifted her engraved ring by her late father

“Ria Nouveaulashes Murray responded online: “Absolute Low life cretins!”

Clare Yates added: “Absolute b*. Oh my god what is wrong with these people scumbags! Hope karma gets them back.”

Lisa Ditchfield wrote: “In broad daylight can you believe the nerve. Disgusting I hope your mum is ok.”

The burglars pointed the camera in the direction of where they were hiding

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said: “Police were called to an address in Gildersome at about 11.30am on Monday February 11 to a report of a break-in which took place between 11.15 and 11.28pm on that day.

“Enquiries are ongoing into the offence, in which property was taken, and anyone who has information about the burglary is asked to contact Leeds District CID on 101 referencing crime number 1319075977.”

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