“Lol 1820 got you” Angry motorist confronts cop driver for “breaking law by being on mobile”


VIDEO shows the moment a furious member of the public confronts a police officer and accuses him of using his mobile behind the wheel.

Ashley Dignam complains bitterly that he was prosecuted for using his mobile while at the wheel of a stationary car with its engine on and claims the officer was doing the same thing.

The officer, who remains remarkably polite and composed throughout, makes no attempt to deny the claim. Suffolk police have denied the officer was committing an offence.

The clip was uploaded by Ashley on Sunday with the caption: “Lol 1820 got you.”

Ashley, who filmed the incident in Ipswich, Suffolk, is seen walking up to the car, which appears to have its engine on, and asking the officer why he’s on his phone.

The officer appears to place what looks like a mobile phone down on the seat beside him although he is not seen at any point in the clip actually talking on a mobile.

The Argos worker is then heard claiming: “I got done for it, six points and a £100 fine for being on my phone and I was stationary with my car running and the police officer said that’s breaking the law.”

As Ashley confronts the cop, he appears to suggest that he agrees with him.

The officer was challenged over the use of his phone behind the wheel

When asked “you’re breaking the law aren’t you?” The officer responds by saying: “Ok I get that.”

He also appears to agree with him throughout the clip.

The officer is then asked for his ID ‘badge’ number – which he provides – and then repeatedly asked whether he believes he is breaking the law.

Ashley’s wife, Ana Dignam, wrote online: “That told him.”

The Facebook post of the incident went viral

Sam West commented: “Killed it, that will play on his mind all night and tomorrow he is shook.”

Eddy Harrison commented: “Everyone always have that video with them for if they ever get stopped.”

Others denied the officer was breaking the law.

Jarrad Kichirou-Hikaru said: “If the car is stationary, then it’s fine, especially that they’re trained to answer emergency call when driving in blue lights.”

Ashley said he was prosecuted for doing the same thing he was challenging the cop for

Chris Bones commented: “This isn’t actually illegal, the police officer and his vehicle in this video was parked in a private premises, regardless of the engine running. The rule of being stationary and touching your phone only applies in public places and highways.

“If he was found on the side of a road or in traffic doing this then by all means 100% he could be charged.

“This situation is almost like any of us sitting in our driveway on our phones, or in a car park parked. The police will be able to advise you but not charge.”

The law states that a mobile phone can be used when the vehicle is “safely parked”. However, the definition of being safely parked includes switching off the engine.

However Suffolk Constabulary has denied the officer was in the wrong.

A spokesman said: “It is not an offence to use a mobile phone if a vehicle is stationary and parked in a car park, even if the engine is running.”

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