Shocking moment maniac motorist drives on motorway hard shoulder at estimated 140mph


SHOCKING video shows a maniac motorist bypass heavy motorway traffic by driving at an estimated 140mph on the hard shoulder.

The yellow hatchback, filmed on the A1(M) near Durham yesterday, passes to the left of an HGV before disappearing into the distance.

The dashcam car that recorded the clip was travelling at about 112kph (70mph) and the yellow vehicle appears to be going around twice as fast.

Anthony Burt was driving southbound when he passed a B&M lorry in the left hand lane.

From the video it appears the yellow car, thought to be a 155mph Ford Focus ST, is passing four of the white lines dividing the lanes in the time it takes Anthony’s car pass two.

The yellow car then appears to brake and slots in behind another car.

The car can be seen speeding on the hard shoulder

It then undertakes that car using the hard shoulder again before slotting itself ahead of it in the left hand lane.

It then appears to cut across into the right hand lane just as Anthony takes a left at the next junction.

It is estimated that it is travelling around 140mph

One viewer wrote: “I wouldn’t be surprised if that was stolen.”

Another agreed: “Definitely stolen.”

Anthony himself estimated the speed of the car at in excess of 100mph.