Mystery Dubliner baffles internet by going for walk through city – with a banana on a lead


BAFFLING video shows a woman walking through a city – with a banana on a lead.

The clip, which was filmed by Alan Smith, shows the unknown woman walking down Cork Street, Dublin, on Saturday.

A lead from can be seen attached to the piece of fruit as she passes Alan.

The 26-year old then posted the video onto his Facebook page where it has racked up more than 88,000 views.

He captioned the post: “They’re all out today mad c*** walking her banana.”

The short clip then shows Alan walking past a woman in a pink jumper and white trousers.

With the sun covering her face, a banana can be seen following behind her.

As Alan gets closer, it becomes clear that there is a blue lead attached to the fruit and that she is dragging it behind.

When Alan passes her, it becomes obvious what she is doing.

He can then be heard saying “C*** is out walking with a banana, what the f***” before bursting out laughing as the clip ends.

Eoin O Caiside commented: “I don’t see anything wrong here.”

Emily Chesby said: “Hahahaha that’s bananas bai wtf.”

Gary Kelly said: “Gimmie what she’s having.”

Court worker Alan was puzzled as to why she was walking te banana.

Edel Collins commented: “Cracker, she’s going bananas.”

Bernard Fitzsimons appearing to direct the comment to Alan, said: “That’s for little monkeys like you to chase her.”

Katie Wills commented: “A whole other level of banana.”

Naomi Fitzpatrick said: “Why do I feel like I would do this.”

Speaking today, court worker Alan says he was puzzled as to why she was walking the banana, but glad to see it seems to have put a smile on people’s faces.

He said: “Haven’t a clue [what the woman was doing].

“If it gives them a giggle it’s good enough for me.”