Food artist wows internet with Jabba the Hutt – made out of avocado on toast


A FORMER restaurateur who creates food art for fun has shared an amazing picture of Jabba the Hutt – made out of avocado.

Andy Kelly from, Northampton, hand-carved the avocado as a homage to one of his favourite films, Star Wars.

The image shows a piece of white toast topped with an avocado which has been beautifully layered to create the unmistakeable shape of the intergalactic gangster.

The creation is detailed down to the distinctive mouth and button eyes.

Andy, 40, named his creation “Jabbacado on Toast” in which he shared online this morning.

“Grab ’em by the Octopussy salad” is a homage to Donald Trump

Steve Boomer posted under the post on Rate My Plates social media saying: “Hats off to you for that one. Genius.”

Jack Cooper said: “Toast undercooked. Perfect Jabba however. Well done”.

Lissy Morton wrote: “Jabba the butty.”

Jon Bond wrote: “Uncanny that you went out of your way to make this Star Wars character… nobody likes a smart a**e.

Rachel Bates added: “Aww I love this Jabba..very creative.”

However, not everyone agreed it looked the Star wars gangsters with some actually saying it looks like Slimer from Ghostbusters.

Hollie Bee posted: “Slimer deserved far better bread than that.”

Brian Gallacher said: “Slimer’s back I thought the ghostbusters put him away. Oh well I’m glad to see he survived.”

Summer Gibbs posted: “Looks like Slimer from the Ghostbusters.”

Andy’s food art also includes cheesecake homage to Star Wars featuring the Millennium Falcon and chocolate sauce in the shape of a tree.

Another dish he has made is called the “Grab ‘em by the Octopussy Salad with Cheeto Thermidore and Squid ink mayo”, which was has a picture of Donald Trump pointing his finger.

Andy's Jabbacado on Toast surprised the internet
Andy’s Jabbacado on Toast surprised the internet

Andy Kelly speaking today said: “I used to own a restaurant but now I just produce art based dishes for fun. The jabbacado was created in one evening.

“It was a dish I made because I am a huge Star Wars fan. It is hand carved from an avocado I also did the spaghetti carbanana and a few more star wars inspired dishes

“I used to own a restaurant but now just produce art based dishes for fun. It’s usually current affairs and I have a group where myself and a few friends pick bizarre ingredients and create dishes with them.”

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