Grieving mother posts CCTV of “scumbag” burglars who stole dead fiance’s belongings


A DEVASTATED woman has released CCTV of the “scumbag” burglars who stole items belonging to her late fiance that even she had not been able to touch.

Richard Eades, who was mascot for Championship side West Bromwich Albion, died on Boxing Day 2017, aged just 42.

On Saturday, Carly, 37, and the couple’s children Lily-Mae, nine, and Archie, four, returned home to find the place had been ransacked.

The criminals had smashed their way in through the conservatory and stolen items including Richard’s wristwatch and iPad.

Carly posted CCTV footage on Facebook of the burglars breaking into the home in Wednesbury, West Midlands.

She wrote on Facebook yesterday: “So last night at 7pm three absolute scum bags broke into my house.

“They smashed in through my conservatory and ransacked our house. I came home with two petrified children who are now too scared to go home.

“What hurts the most is the fact that they went through my bedroom and emptied all of Richard’s clothes and belongings and threw them everywhere.

Carly posted CCTV footage of the burglars in her garden

“I haven’t even been able to face touching any of his things since that heartbreaking Boxing Day, but they have done this with complete disregard.

“We are not 100% sure on what has been taken but there is definitely Richard’s iPad Air in a purple case, his Limit Digital Watch which only has sentimental value.

“And Lily’s Pandora bangle which has Disneyland exclusive charms, unicorn, belle and a few other charms.

“I need everyone’s help, these scumbags do not deserve to breathe the same air as us.

One of the items stolen was this watch, which has sentimental value

She added: “They have violated our home and our personal things, that mean more to us than they will ever know.

“They have quite distinctive clothing. It seems one is wearing a camouflage coat, another could be wearing a coat with the goggles in the hood.

“Please share the hell out of this post and find these scumbags.”

Carly then went on to describe the thieves, and post CCTV footage of the incident.

Carly and Richard had been together for 18 years

The footage shows two figures in the garden of her property.

The two figures can be seen standing near the conservatory that was broken into, with one of the figures eerily peeking his head round the corner.

Carly also wrote in her Facebook post that a car had drove past her house every hour, for four hours, watching the property, and posted pictures.

Speaking today she said: “I’m still shocked and devastated that someone could do this.”

Richard was a mascot for West Bromwich Albion

Facebook users who commented called on the culprits to be found and punished.

Dawn Kimber-smith wrote: “Bloody scumbags need a good thrashing.”

Korina Cooper-Bennett commented: “Absolute scumbags.”

Julie Noble said: “Scumbag. Hope they find them and lock them up, I feel sorry for the kids.”

Carly said the burglars have “violated our home”.

Yvonne Byrne added: “Disgrace. Hope they are caught and you get your stuff back.”

Carly and Richard had been together for 18 years, and were engaged to be married at the time of Richard’s death, though they did not have a date set.

Richard became ill with the flu leading up to Christmas 2017, and suffered a fatal heart attack on Boxing Day.

Carly also took photos of the aftermath of the burglary inside her bedroom, where the theives ransacked Richard’s belongings.

Social media users came out in support of Carly’s story

She said: “Everything you can see is all of Richards stuff which has been thrown out.

“Things I haven’t been able to touch since he passed away.

“We had been together for 18 years.

“He had the flu leading up to Christmas and passed away at home on Boxing Day 2017 from a heart attack. He was 42.”

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