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Free Online UX Design Courses


Do you wish to learn UX design? There are many UX design courses available today, but we will help you not to get lost in a huge amount of information regarding them.

Ready to get to know more about free online courses? We are sure you will grab many ideas to implement in the UX design services.

1. InVision

Thanks to these courses, you will be able to prototype applications. Also, it will be easy for you to produce design systems.

Moreover, this course will give you a review of the main principles of the UX design. The course supposes being signed with the program and getting lessons to your computer by mail.

2. Hackdesign

These courses remind InVision courses if it comes to sending e-lessons in your email (they are sent every week).

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the lessons are unique and exclusively professional because they are created by the “stars” in UX design.

Here you may find more data about the possible striking problems and how to solve them.

3. Gymnasium

If you get signed to Gymnasium courses, you will have a great chance to develop your skills in UX design.

All of them, are relevant and cutting edge (this is because the program is targeted at the current clients). Therefore, the skills you will get will be up-to-date and practical.

4. Mockplus tutorial

Here you may learn, using the demo lesson to make a design. It is very easy to use. There are many happy and grateful users of Mockplus tutorial, expressing positive feedback.

These courses will allow you to create prototype applications

5. Future learn

The total amount of learning time is three weeks or 21 days. To be more precise, you will be doing lessons only for two hours in one week, which is very useful and comfortable. In this course you will learn the basics of the UX design and many various techniques.

6. Skillshare

The course is dedicated to a wide variety of topics. Depending on the category you like, you may find the course for yourself.

For sure, you may find here a course devoted to UX design.

This course is special because it was created by top designers in this field. There are two options of signing for the course: paid and free, so you can choose.

7. Envato Tuts+

The course can be free or you have to be signed with the program. Here you will get many practical skills, how to make coding and UX design.

If you get signed with the program, you will be able to use stock photos and WordPress themes.

8. NovoEd

This course is free only for the five week course. NovoEd is aiming at turning the boring routine of learning into more exciting.

Therefore, the students and employees, who use this program are delighted with this course.

9. Lynda UX design courses

To tell the truth, you will have to pay for this program, but if you wish, you may also have a month free trial. What will I find there?

A huge number of videos about UX design will be completely available for you to utilize. So you would better think faster and get signed for this course as soon as possible.

10. Khan Academy

 This course is absolutely free due to the fact that the main aim of the company that produces this course is to educate people, even free of charge. So you may find this course very useful, especially, if you are a beginner in UX design.

Hope that you found the courses for yourself. Wish you never stop learning because life is impossible without it. Let “live and learn” be a motto of your life. Have a great day.


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