Trainspotting: horrified mum snaps junkie inside Thomas the Tank Engine ride outside Tesco


A HORRIFIED mum posted a picture of a “junkie” collapsed inside a Thomas the Tank Engine ride outside a Tesco store.

Natalie Lusk’s snap shows the addict’s leg sticking out of the tiny train, inside which he was “pumping s*** into his veins”.

Natalie, from Glasgow, posted the image to warn other parents to keep their kids away from the ride.

Natalie uploaded the picture to Facebook on February 28 with the caption: “Anyone with young kids please keep your kids out of the Thomas the Tank play machine at Tesco in Shettleston.

A ride for children was occupied by an addict

“A junkie was just in it hitting up whatever s*** he was pumping into his veins.

“Security have been told. He claimed it was a dare and got stuck. Little did we know he meant sticking needles in himself.

“Guy is in shopping in the store just now but please make sure kids stay out of that machine. Please share.”

The picture clearly shows a Thomas the Tank engine children’s ride, with a leg dangling out of it.

A leg can clearly be seen hanging out of the Thomas ride

Speaking today, Natalie said: “There is no question about it, he was injecting something as I saw him with the needles when he was coming out of it.

“I wish I stepped in sooner and got more pictures of him but I had my wee one in the car.”

She added: “I honestly would hate for any kids to go into it. After seeing that I felt physically sick.”

Facebook users were disgusted by the man’s actions.

The picture was taken outside a Tesco branch in Shettleston

Angie Flannigan wrote: “Omg absolute disgrace.”

Michelle Mcadie wrote: “Disgraceful. He could have went elsewhere rather than on a kids toy machine that kids love to play on or beg their parents or guardians to get on it.”

Lisa Mcpherson commented: “Selfish disgusting piece of trash, dare or no dare, you don’t do it. If you’re going to do junk, do it in your house and endanger your bloody self. Don’t put everyone else’s lives at risk, especially kids. Absolute scum of the earth.”

Jackie Garfoot Lippe said: “How f low. That desperate for a hit he couldn’t spare five minutes to find somewhere else to do it. Makes my stomach churn.”

Social media users blasted the addict for using an area designed for children

Alistair Robertson remarked: “F***** rat.”

Police Scotland said they could not comment as the incident was not reported to them.

A Tesco spokesman said: “We were concerned to hear about the incident and thank the customer for bringing it to our attention. We will be conducting extra checks on the area.”

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