Shocking moment fly-tipper bombards motorist with fridges and freezers after taking corner too fast


SHOCKING video shows the moment a fly-tipper bombarded an unsuspecting motorist with five fridges and freezers.

Stefan Stadian took a corner at such high speed the appliances literally flew off the back of his truck, slid across the road, and landed inches away from a startled driver’s car.

Stadian then drove off, leaving the road in Leeds blocked behind him.

But the fly-tipper was tracked down and prosecuted last week, ending up with a fine of £2,235 and a 60-hour community order.

The incident was captured on CCTV in April last year which shows Stadian taking the corner at Darfield Road too quickly as he narrowly avoids a parked blue car.

The momententum of Stadian’s reckless driving forces five fridges and freezers to fall off the back of the truck.

Stadian carries on without stopping and takes a left turn further up the road, whilst the man in the blue car comes out to inspect his car for damage.

Leeds council posted the video on Twitter earlier today saying “Fridge too far for Leeds flytipper! A local Leeds businessman has been caught and prosecuted for dumping fridges and freezers in #Harehills.”

The fly-tipper was tracked down and prosecuted last week, ending up with a fine of £2,235

Helen Freeman, Chief Officer for Environmental Services for Leeds City Council said: “We simply will not tolerate this kind of illegal behaviour in the city, and endangering other road users in the process is completely unacceptable.

“Communities should not be blighted by this kind of illegal activity and we welcome reports and sightings from the public of any incidences of fly tipping in areas around the city.

“Where any incident is reported or sighted, we will look to remove the waste swiftly and take action against the offenders where possible.”

The Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs last year revealed that local authorities in England attended to 998,000 fly tipping incidents in the 2017/2018 year.

Clearance cost were estimated to come to around £1 million per day.

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