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Exciting TV Shows We Will Watch This Spring 2019


It’s time to say goodbye to those lingering cold winter days where most of our time at home is spent sleeping. Spring is almost here! This means longer hours to pass time enjoying the cherry blossoms or catching up on some exciting TV shows. Spending more time on a cosy sofa before the television is something you’ll enjoy before the busy summer season steps in on those rainy spring days. Whether you’ve opted to watch online or explore your cable channels, spring brings a smorgasbord of exciting television shows for you to choose from. To help skip the boring stuff and get right to the juicy stuff, we’ve track down the best shows for you to watch online this Spring.

So stock up on popcorn, clear your DVRs and refill your pantry! These captivating TV shows will definitely make you spend more time on your sofa.

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Game of Thrones

Let’s start with the obvious. Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past years, you probably have already marked down April 10 on your calendar for the Game of Thrones premiere. In 2017 Rolling Stone labelled it as the show that changed television for the better. With the introduction of this epic fantasy blockbuster, HBO brought a new meaning to small screen television. Whether it is the daring and handsome character of John Snow, the fearless Daenerys, flying dragons, the picturesque scenery or great storytelling, this show has become a must-see in many households around the world. This season is set to conclude the series in a total of 13 thrilling episodes expected to leave fans in awe. In many ways Game of Thrones have become an obsession for millions of people who eagerly awaits the premier. Each fan has their own idea of how they want this invigorating journey to be concluded but we’ll all have to tune in this spring to see.

Miracle Worker

Harry Potter fans are in for a treat with the premier of this limited series starring Daniel Radcliffe alongside Steve Buscemi. The comedy series which premiered on February 12 is set to conclude this spring. The series offers a sneak peak of what goes on in heaven and features a relatable, often naïve and earnest version of God portrayed by Buscemi who spends his days paddings around his home. Radcliffe plays a passive workhorse who spent most of his time working in the prayer department. The dialogue between the two will leave you falling off your sofa in laughter.

The Last O.G.

The Last O.G. is a hilarious, strikingly adorable depiction of comedian Tracy Morgan talents. Watch the first season online and you’ll be sure to join all the excited fans awaiting it’s premier in April on TBS. A truly remarkable creation by Academy Award winner Jordan Peele and the writer of Eastbound & Down, this heartwarming comedy is a perfect combination of silliness and gratification. Morgan plays the role of convict who returned to Brooklyn to reconnect with his family after being released from prison. His reaction to modern day changes brings a unique light-heartedness to this must watch series.   

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Turn Up Charlie

In this highly anticipated Netflix film that features a DJ-turned nanny, the “manny” isn’t just a man, he’s Idris Elba as stated by the New York Times. What better way is there to spend this spring than passing time on your sofa admiring one of the sexiest man alive as he takes on the role of a nanny or manny. Be sure to watch online march 15 because something tells us this failing DJ has much more to offer.

Jane the Virgin

This viewers’ favourite returns to the CW march 27 and boi oh boi we’re certainly in for a treat. The telenovela adaptation stars Gina Rodriguez who takes on the role of a virgin who became pregnant after a doctor mistakenly inseminated her with the sperms of a complete stranger. Yikes! The TV show unique storyline has pulled many viewers in over the years many of which are eager to learn the identity of this mysterious narrator. Watch online this spring to find out!

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Yes please! This thrilling supernatural arrow show returns to Netflix this spring and is set to bring more mystery. Magic and destruction clashes in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina as a halfhuman travels between two very different worlds. Sabrina returns this season to take viewers on even more captivating adventurers with her new platinum hair and dark wardrobe. You’ll definitely want to watch online this spring as new cast members including Alex Denisof from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are introduced.


This HBO hit series features a plethora of indulging and heart-stopping moments that leave viewers eager for more. This spring we’ll see Dolores Maeve and the gang exploring new ways to take down their captors and claim the Wild West land as their own. From the mysterious adults’ playgrounds to the inventive soundtrack this show gives viewers plenty of reasons to stay tuned.

American Gods Season 2

After Hannibal, it’s nearly impossible for Bryan Fuller to create a movie that’s not visionary and enjoyably odd. This fantasy drama received 92% on Rotten Tomatoes for its perfect interpretation of Neil Gaiman’s novel. The show is a riveting picaresque tale that features a brewing war between Old Gods and New Gods through the eyes of an anguished ex-convict who becomes the bodyguard of an impish con man named Mr Wednesday. You’ll definitely want to watch online this spring.

There are plenty of other TV shows that you can watch online this spring, but for the sake of time we’ve had to cut this list short. So grab your popcorn, cosy up on the couch and get ready for one of the most entertaining spring to come.

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