Amazon customer in “disbelief” claiming delivery driver broke letterbox with book parcel


A DISGRUNTLED customer has said he is in “disbelief” after claiming an Amazon delivery driver broke his letterbox, whilst delivering a book.

Noel Hodson, was shocked to find the letterbox had been “ripped” off the door when he returned home from work.

The courier was delivering to the 44-year-old’s house in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire with Noel believing the package that destroyed the letterbox.

The book was for Noel’s wife Gemma, who is studying a further qualification for her dog psychology business.

The parcel ended up being stuck in the letterbox

However, the package was too thick for the letterbox, which resulted in it being stuck in the letter box on Friday.

Amazon UK have said they are looking into the incident.

Paint sprayer Noel shared a picture of the parcel and letterbox on March 15 captioned with: “Hi, this is the aftermath of your delivery driver trying to force a package through our letterbox today.

“Which of us is going to be paying for this then I wonder?”

Images taken by Noel show the letterbox has been slotted back into its place, but is not secured as the screw fitting has been removed from the door and is broken.

The other images show the package is stuck within the letterbox and the screw fitting attached to the door has been destroyed with the flap and screws on the floor.

The force of the parcel destroyed the letterbox and “ripping” the screws out

While another image captures Noel holding onto the parcel via the letterbox.

Facebook users were shocked to see what happened to Noel’s letterbox

Jojo Cox wrote under Noel’s post writing: “Bloody hell. Talk about some force.”

Deborah Freeman added: “Jesus Christ. What did they push that through with a bloody hammer.”

Claire Young wrote: “We’ve had packages jammed in our letter box too. Thankfully ours wasn’t broken.”

Speaking today Noel explained how he found his letterbox all over the floor.

He said: “The parcel had been completely wedged and stuck in the letterbox then forced so hard that the internal side of the letterbox was ripped clean off the door.

“The letterbox needs replacing as it is damaged beyond repair. I am expecting them to pay for a replacement letterbox at least and I am even happy to fit it myself.”

“My initial thoughts were total disbelief and how much force was needed to do that.

“Usually all our Amazon parcels get delivered to the house opposite as we have stated this on our Amazon accounts.

The letterbox which the delivery driver is claimed to have broken

“I messaged Amazon UK via their Facebook page as trying to lodge a complaint through the website is nigh on impossible for this through the website.

“They emailed me on the day it happened for contact details but I am yet to hear back from them.”

A spokeswoman said: “We are working closely with our delivery service provider to ensure this matter is resolved as quickly as possible and are in direct communication with the customer.”

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