“Literally me in dog form” Hilarious clip shows puppy having “tantrum” over being refused cheesecake


HILARIOUS footage shows a puppy having a “tantrum” over not being allowed a slice of cheesecake.

Seven month-old Max went viral after being filmed on Monday reacting to not getting any dessert.

The Lhasa Apso can be heard whining and hitting his paws off the bed in frustration.

Lauren Connors, 19, from Glasgow, uploaded the video of her Lhasa Apso to Twitter where it has been viewed more than 500,000 times.

She captioned the post: “Max is actually throwing a tantrum because he’s not allowed some cheesecake.”

The clip starts with Max growling on a bed over a piece of cheesecake in an open box which he can smell.

The puppy then puts his right paw over his eye before hitting his left paw off the bed in protest.

He then starts scratching the bed as he tries to avoid the temptation, but begins to growls louder and even barks a bit in protest.

Lauren is used to MAx having a tantrum over sweet food

College student Lauren, can be heard laughing at Max’s reaction in the background.

The obedient puppy then places his head into the bed before pawing the bed with both arms.

He then moves over to his belly hits his right paw off the bed again in protest while growling before putting his head into his paw.

However, this time the obedient puppy has had enough and takes matters into his own hands by sneakily crawling towards the cake.

He nearly manages to get a piece but is firmly told off by Lauren.

Max growls and Lauren then closes the box lid but Max tries again anyway to nibble on the box a bit to be told “No” and the food taken away.

The footage has been retweeted more than 40,000 times with hundreds of comments from Twitter users who loved the video.

@_chloelittle wrote under Lauren’s post: “Actual footage of me craving cheesecake.”

@ebalebela said: “Literally me in dog form.”

@OnMeHeadSonCVSC posted: “Give him the bloody cheesecake.”

@BethHun02103690 said: “Omg that’s me when I want cheesecake but too lazy to go to Tesco and get some.

@drawn_to_hockey added: “One of my dogs stamps his foot when he wants something lol.”

@Taliavxh wrote: “Oh bless him” then a laughing emoji.

Max was given a bit of the biscuit from the cake

Speaking today, Lauren says Max does this on a regular basis when she is eating.

She said: “I just find him funny when he throws his tantrums. He always reacts like that when I’m eating.

“He did get a piece of the biscuit afterwards. I just think it’s quite funny because this is the way he acts all the time so I’m so used to it.”

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