“That’s one good mumma sheep” Video shows sheep scaring off “little f****r” fox from baby lamb


AMAZING video shows a mother ewe fighting off a fox trying to attack its baby lamb – which is only a day old.

The wily fox can be seen stalking the lamb in a field, while it’s grown and much larger mother stands by.

The orange creature makes repeated attempts to snatch the lamb, circling the two, but the sheep battles back – chasing the fox away

The clip was taken by Dylan Morgan, who owns and keeps the sheep north of Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, in Wales.

The ewe had given birth to the lamb only the day before the video was taken.

The mother ewe can be seen charging at the fox

It was filmed yesterday morning, and subsequently posted it to social media where it soon went viral, racking up almost 270,000 views in less than 24 hours.

Dylan posted the video with the caption above: “No prizes for guessing what this little f****r wanted for breakfast this morning.”

The clip begins with a shot of the sheep, recognisable by the blue marking on its head, and the lamb on the left, facing the crafty fox to the right.

There are other sheep in the field, but the fox is fixated upon the lamb.

The ewe, sensing the danger from the fox charges at it in an attempt to chase it off.

The fox seemed to regret trying to attack the lamb

The tiny white lamb runs and follows its protector, never straying too far from it.

The speedier fox circles the two, with the ewe always turning to directly face it.

In one particularly amazing moment, the mother sheep turns to the fox while nudging the lamb backwards with its head – trying to confront the fox while also keeping the lamb protected.

Speaking today, Dylan said: “I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing to begin with.”

“The fox had patches of mange on it that suggests it wasn’t very healthy, making it much more dangerous to young lambs, as it can’t catch rabbits etc, which they usually live on.”

Facebook users commented on the “mummy” sheep’s bravery.

One social media user said, “what a good mother”

Carmel Breen wrote: “Poor lamb has no chance, what a good mother”

Jane Charles Williams said: “What a good mummy.”

Tamsyn Bennetts commented: “That’s one good mumma sheep.”

Evan Barron remarked: “A cheeky f****r of a fox.”

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