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Top 10 Women in Football


These girls prove that women can play football as well as men. But they are not only amazingly talented – they are also beautiful. Their slender bodies and beautiful smiles can drive anyone crazy. So, look at these football players from around the world and make sure that they are the best in every way.

1.  Milena Dominges

She is a former Brazilian women’s football team player, as well as former fashion model and wife of Ronaldo. Maybe every man wanted to find a wife like Milena. She used to be constantly included in all sorts of TOPs where the most beautiful football players are gathered, but those times are over. Now, Milena doesn’t play football, but still, she is one of Brazil’s sexiest football players.

2.  Alex Morgan

This US forward is the most famous of all the girls on this list. It is impossible not to mention gorgeous Alex Morgan in any TOP of the best football players. The American is already a cult figure for American sports. And teammates have given Alex the nickname “little horse.” Alexandra Patricia Morgan is one of the most famous, sexiest, and most beautiful football players in all of America.

3.  Sydney Leroux

This footballer stands in the position of a forward. Her growth (170 cm) helps Leroux to be compact and speedy when attacking. As a member of the US women’s team, an American of Canadian descent achieved a victory at the World Championship, and then a victory at the Olympics.

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4.  Selina Wagner

Selina was born in Germany in 1990, and she spent her entire career in the German Championship. But Wagner is famous not for her football qualities but for naked shooting in the famous Playboy magazine. This former German forward of Wolfsburg and Freiburg loves photo shoots and shows her body in all its glory.

5.  Liana Bochkovskaya

At the age of 23, Liana was chosen as the sexiest girl in Ukraine. During her professional football career, the Ukrainian woman got many awards for her great skills and also won many awards for her charming appearance.

6.  Hope Solo

During her career, Hope played in only one European football club – Lion. She was a goalkeeper. Hope is already 37 years old, but she is still sexy and beautiful. For her professional career as a footballer, Solo won the World Championships in 2015 and Olympic medals in 2008 and 2012.

7.  Anouk Hoogendijk

Anouk is a professional Dutch football player, a former representative of the Dutch women’s national football team. She was born on May 6, 1985, in the city of Utrecht. At the moment, Anouk is already 33 years old. This Dutch beauty is as a central forward and midfielder.

8.  Carla Humphrey

Carla is a midfielder of Bristol city. This football player was born in 1996, so she is only 22 years old. Humphrey is considered one of the most talented and promising football players in the UK. In her last interview, she said, “My goal is to be the best in the world.” She will definitely achieve her goal.

9.  Jessica Landstrom

Jessica influenced the world not only with her playing on the field. She began her professional career in 2007, and only a year later, she performed with the Swedish national team at the Olympics. In 2008, she admitted to being homosexual in an interview with GX magazine.

10.  Julie Johnston

To join a football team, it is not necessary to be a killer beauty, but this is definitely a nice bonus. Despite her football career, Julie worked hard to get into Santa Clara University. Yes, her smile fascinated everyone, but she became a student of this university not just thanks to her beautiful face. This girl is quite smart.

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