Ade Edmondson’s home clear-out unveils 30-year-old play written with Rik Mayall and never performed

An excerpt from the Dungeon of Madness, written in 1989 by comedy legends Adrian Edmondson and Rik Mayall. The excerpt was found as Edmondson cleared his home out but he said it was never performed.
An excerpt from the script written by comedy legends Adrian Edmondson and Rik Mayall.

COMEDY legend Adrian Edmondson has revealed how a cupboard clear out unveiled a never-performed play written with Rik Mayall.

Edmondson, who found fame alongside Mayall with anarchic comedies such as The Young Ones and Bottom, shared a picture of the last page of the script online.

And the excerpt from the Dungeon of Madness, written in 1989, shows the pair were on fine, foul-mouthed form.

Edmondson wrote on Twitter: “Clearing out cupboards and found a show Rik & I wrote in 1989, but never performed. Good last page.”

The “dialogue” has Ade say: “B*s.” Rik responds with “ws”.

Ade delivers the last line of the Act 2 with the word: “Bs.”

The rest of the page is taken up with stage directions.

“As they leave they turn off the light switch by the front door. The stage is then darkness.

“After a brief pause a huge big band sound blares out a showbiz type finale number.

“Ade and Rik immediately reappear in glitzy stage costumes supported by the ‘SAS dancers’ – the two SAS men who it turns out were women, Ambrosia and the actor who played Colonel F*** – all in identical chorus line gear.

“All together they perform a masterful showstopping song and dance routine.

“The song is called ‘It’s all a load of bs so let’s have a drink and a dance’.

“Exeunt Omnes. Exit”

The rediscovered script delighted fans of the pair but also prompted renewed sadness over the untimely death of Mayall, aged 56, in August 2014.

@highflyingparka wrote under Adrian’s post saying : “This has warmed my heart so much, and broken it a little too. So many things yet to do that never will be done.

“Rik is missed so much by all. I’m super thankful that we can still watch you and Rik forever. You both made my childhood happy.”

@HappyMoog said: “Great tag line for Brexit. “It’s all a load of Bs so let’s have a drink and a dance”.

@BoogsTweets 1 added: “Love the depth in the dialogue. Works on so many levels.

“You guys were the best.”

@SarahJaneBielby posted: “Would make a brilliant last page of a biography. What a way to end.”

LeHumuna said: “I’d give my right arm for this to become a reality.”

Rik Mayall worked alongside Adrian Edmondson in cult classics such as Bottom and The Young Ones, that pioneered the way in the 80s for the new genre of alternative comedy.

Mayall and Edmondson also appeared in The Comic Strip which parodied famous books and events for the purpose of comedy.

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