Hilarious moment warm-hearted Tesco delivery man tells startled customer: “Bye, love you.”


A TESCO delivery man has gone viral after he blurted out “I love you” in a phone message to a female customer.


The warm-hearted driver – known only as Simon – was calling the woman to tell her his delivery would be arriving early.

But Leanne Thomas was amazed to hear Simon’s professional spiel abruptly end with an amorous declaration, followed by an embarrassed chuckle and apology.

Leanne said Simon was red-faced when he turned up with her groceries shortly afterwards but they had a good laugh about his emotional incontinence.

Leanne, from Carmarthen, South Wales, posted the recording on social media the following day.

Leanne uploaded Simon’s message to Facebook

She told Tesco: “Please please please give my delivery driver an extra day off… he made my day yesterday!”

Simon’s voice message starts off professionally saying: “It’s Simon here from Tesco.

“I’m just running early – I can be with you in about five minutes. I hope to see you there.”

Unfortunately for Simon, he appears to have suffered a brain melt and confused Leanne with his other half.

Simon declares: “Bye, love you, love you.”

Facebook users thought Simon’s declaration was hilarious

Immediately realising his blunder, Simon begins laughing and says: “Sorry, excuse me.”

The recording has left many commenters in stitches and feeling warm hearted towards the delivery driver.

Kayleigh Louise said: “What a sweetheart.”

Kate Phillis added: “Hahaha… so cute and funny.”

Dani Peers wrote: “Asda delivery people never tell you they love you.”

Lynda Pearce said: “Every Little Helps.”

Tammy Millar added: “Brilliant.”

Leanne today said Simon the delivery driver felt a little embarrased when he arrived.

Leanne said Simon was “red-faced” when he turned up at the door

She said: “He was a bit-red faced when he came to the door and he apologised profusely, but I told him he’d made my day and we had a good laugh.”

Leanne, 33, said: “I nearly fell off my chair when I heard the ‘I love you’ and I found it really hysterical. He was just on autopilot and said it by way of force of habit at the end of a call.”

The solicitor added: “He said he’d be in trouble if his wife heard the message!”

A Tesco spokesman said: “We really do love our customers, and we’re delighted that Simon made this lady’s day!”

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