Police reveal officers called to shop after man locks himself in loo and tells staff to “F*** off”


POLICE have revealed officers were called to a shop where a man had locked himself in the loo and told staff: “F*** off – I’m having a s***!”

The bizarre revelation was made by Manchester officers on Twitter and has prompted a stream of toilet-related jokes online.

An “Inspector M” of Greater Manchester Police City Centre tweeted they had a “report yesterday of a male barricading himself in [the] toilet”.

They added: “It is alleged he had entered one hour previously, was not a customer and when asked to leave by staff told them to ‘f*** off – I’m having a s***.’

GMP’s tweet describing the bizarre incident

“Officers attended and moved the man on (no criminal offences committed). Insp M.”

GlennMatthews1 responded: “I hope it was logged.”

Shlfrench added: “Constipation is a nightmare.”

Matthewtuckey wrote: “Sounds like there were blockages in a number of contexts.”

DENZIL32481027 said: “S*** job that.”

SDA1180 added: “What a load of crap.”

Tony_Marshall3 said: “I heartily agree that a man needs some peace and quiet whilst having a s***. Rushing can cause problems in later life, I imagine.”

Twitter user found the incident hilarious

Marcus Gentles said: “S*** happens.”

John Lawrence Mills added: “I hope the motion was finished before moving him on, either way it must have been quite an inconvenience!”

Adam Conlon wrote: “Surely that’s a breach of the toliet piece at least.”

Greater Manchester Police declined to comment on the tweet.

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