Swear words and spit fly as two women have furious public row over parking at Asda



BIZARRE video shows a furious parking rage row between two women which culminates in one of them spitting at the other.

Courtney Roseweir returned to her car to find an enraged woman struggling to climb into her own vehicle in the next bay.

The woman then charges at Courtney and the pair exchange insults, which include the 25-year-old being called a “scruffy c***”.

As the tattooed woman drives off she makes an obscene gesture to Courtney and then spits out of the window.

The incident happened in an Asda car park in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, on Sunday afternoon.

Becki (pictured) and Courtney were involved in the furious row

Courtney, from Manchester, posted the video on social media later that day saying: “This girl pulled up in her parking space and I pulled up second. She then proceeded to scream out of her window ‘how am I suppose to f******* get out of there.’

“Now as you can see she clearly doesn’t know how to park as she is parked on the white line. I simply told her [if] she parked her car straight, she would have no problem getting out.

“[She] continued to slam her car door into mine, spit at me, swing for me numerous times and call me all the names under the sun.”

“Not only that, she also had a child in the back seat whilst all this was going on. What is this world we live in. Where you can’t even stop at Asda for a f lasagne for your dinner at work without encountering such behaviour.”

The video shows the woman trying to get into her car through the driver’s side of the vehicle by standing on Courtney’s green Corsa.

The woman turns around and says “are you taking the p***?” and starts bounding towards Courtney who shouts back “What are you doing you f****** k***head, no I’m not moving the car [Courtney’s car] just move it over [woman’s car] f******* idiot.”

Becki was seen putting her middle finger up to the camera

The woman then walks back to her car and once again tries to get through the drivers side of car by standing on Courtney’s Corsa.

The woman retaliates again by saying “move your f*** car, scruffy c***.” Courtney replies “no!”

Courtney then moves back showing both cars being mounted by the woman as she struggles to get into her driver’s seat.

The woman’s car appears to be parked on the white line of a parking bay leaving only a small gap for her to get into.

The woman reverses out of her space and stops next to Courtney. The woman can be seen swearing at Courtney through her window, and she then winds down her window and spits at her.

The video has gone viral and has been viewed over 160,000 times.

Many people felt it was easier to just park the car again or get in through the passenger door.

ahera Seema Khatun said: “So sorry you had to go through that babe, your parking is absolutely fine it’s common sense to just repark.”

James Gathergood added: “I can’t even drive and I know which car’s not parked properly.”

The former Britain’s Strongest woman was captured spitting out her car

Cal Robinson said: “Why didn’t she just get in the passenger door and jump over?”

Mark Mulligan added: “Why didn’t they just go through the passenger side. Problem solved.”

Airline worker Courtney today said that she was shocked to find the woman shouting at her.

Courtney said today: “I thought the fact that she spat not once but twice was disgusting! I wouldn’t even spit at someone I hate. It’s awful!”

Becki Peel Etchells posted in the comments on social media claiming to be the other woman in the video.

She commented: “Definitely wasn’t two kids in my car.”

Courtney said that she did not report the incident to the police.

It later emerged that the woman who spits in the video is a former Britain’s Strongest Woman, Becki Etchells.

Becki, who won the title in 2012, said today: “I lost my patience I shouldn’t have spat at her – I agree it’s a disgusting act.

“I was just so angry that somebody could be so rude and ignorant!

“And as for the green car she’s not exactly parked straight herself.”

Courtney said: “I wouldn’t even spit at someone I hate. It’s awful!”

Becki added: “I was taking my disabled neighbour shopping who has cerebral palsy. He is 16-years-old, not a two-year-old boy.

“I kindly asked the green car driver to move her car up as she had parked so close I couldn’t open my door.

“She was clearly in a rush and replied, ‘If you could f****** park then you wouldn’t have this problem you fat c***!’

“I told her I had a disabled passenger who couldn’t get out of the car.

“I’d like to add I was parked close to the white line as the car on the left side of me was over a bit, if there wasn’t enough room for the green car to park leaving enough room for passengers to exit it shouldn’t have parked there.”

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