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Box & Scandal launches on 1st May

A NEW subscription service has uncovered shocking statistics about the underwear habits of British men through a nationwide survey.

The survey of 2,000 men carried out by Box & Scandal found that on average, single men keep their underwear for two years longer than men in a relationship; the average male Brit’s underwear is nearly five years old; and nearly a third of men wear their pants at least twice before putting them through the wash.

 The survey comes ahead of the launch of Box & Scandal in May, a subscription service which delivers underwear every six months.

Rob Nicholson, creator of the service, said: “These statistics show that UK men aren’t taking their underwear seriously enough.

“We believe it’s because they are too busy to think about it – that’s why we launched our subscription service, to give them one less thing to worry about.”

The service offers packages of 3, 6, or 9 pairs of comfortable boxers to be delivered to the subscriber every 6 months with subscriptions starting at £17.50 charged six monthly.

Rob added: “Guys, we have enough stress in our lives without having to worry about where your next undies are going to come from.

“With a single click on that subscription button, you can solve your underwear problems for life.”

Postage and packaging is free and as part of the launch of the company, first time UK subscribers can enjoy their first pack of three for free.

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