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US Online Casino Revenues Rise and It’s Great News for the Industry


“Las Vegas looks the way you’d imagine heaven must look at night.” – Chuck Palahniuk

In comparison with its European counterpart, the regions within the United States have ironically not really been the most fertile land for gambling.  Yes, ironically, because we are indeed talking about the home to the capital of gambling. Las Vegas is synonymous with luxury and good fortune, but that has somehow failed to translate to the virtual world.

From the Ground to the Interweb

Gambling is undoubtedly widely spread and popular in the States. It is a craft as old as time. And one would think it would develop alongside contemporary technology and convert so as to fit the modern world’s mould. Well, that is partially true.

Online gaming, or iGaming, has been living a massive success in Europe, Australia and a other regions of the world, but the USA has somehow always been lagging behind. The industry is well-developed and stable, but the States are slow to accept it, with the exception of Delaware and a couple of other states.

So what is so problematic about the USA and iGaming relationship?

Due to the complexity of the state regulation, America deals with gambling a bit differently than the independent countries across the globe. Each state reserves its own rights to allow or ban gambling and sports betting within its territory, but the market seems to be steadily growing fonder.

In addition, current president Donald Trump has strong ties with many a big name among iGaming behemoths, and has a long history in recreational gambling himself. Experts believe that this factor will play a massive role in what online gambling means for Americans. States such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania have already embraced the appeal of online casinos, and based on what we have seen, a few other states are sure to follow the example.

According to the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement’s Internet Gross Revenue Report, in 2018, New Jersey online gambling revenue surpassed $1 billion. Nevertheless, this is unfortunately a unique example. New Jersey, being the most advanced state online gambling-wise, is one of the few to give contribution to the overall maturity of the market. While the interest of the audience rises, the market does not seem to follow. By means of comparison, a large quantity of population in the United Kingdom and Canada, for instance, enjoy the pleasures of responsible gambling on a variety of devices, and this is no news.

Be that as it may, although rare, online casinos USA remain in the spotlight for the time being. It seems that online gambling operators are taking the opportunity to be the first to grow in the dense area, implementing both their gambling and sportsbook services.

Supporting the cause, the NHL teamed up with globally acclaimed operator William Hill US. Seeing the partnership as “another point of engagement for the fans”, the professional league stays put that the future of quality entertainment lies in the hands of online gambling.

What we can deduce from what has been talked about is that there is a requisition for the expansion of this form of self-indulgence. The numbers are slowly moving but most regulators do not seem to be willing to take the hint.

Hats off to the few that have taken action, and we can just hope that more states will follow the lead.

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