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How to Decorate a Loft Bedroom


A loft is one of the best ways to convert extra space in your house into a bedroom. Depending on the architecture of the house, a loft can look quite contemporary. Decorating a loft can be somewhat challenging because the space is usually not shaped like a conventional bedroom. You also need to consider certain features like sloping ceilings or columns. These features can make the room more unique, but you need to ensure that these do not take away from the overall design.

Understand and define the available space

Before you start decorating a loft looking bedroom, you need to begin by assessing the space and assign specific areas for furnishings. Measure specific locations for essential pieces of furniture such as the bed. You also need to consider the orientation of the door and windows so that décor will not appear cluttered or block your way when you move around inside.

Divide the space

If your bedroom serves another purpose or doubles up as your office, you need to divide the space so that you can put specific furnishings in each area. Your office table, bookshelf, and other related items should be within arm’s reach of each other to make it more convenient when you are working. Your bed and other furnishings for personal use should also have a defined area within the bedroom. If space allows, put a divider between your office and your bed to make the room look more organized.

Selecting a style

Lofts typically look more modern and contemporary because of exposed beams. If you want a chic look, look for furniture made with natural materials like wood, but accented with metal or glass. Sleek lines and solid shapes also lend well to a contemporary design aesthetic. You can soften up a modern style by adding some houseplants, plush pillows, and a throw rug in a bold color.

Adding storage

If you need a lot of storage space, you can buy multi-purpose furniture with built-in storage. Some bed frames have pull-out drawers which you can use to store your clothing and other personal items. This type of furniture will come in handy since lofts tend to be small and have limited space.

Warming up the room

Loft bedrooms tend to be a lot colder than other areas in the house. If you have central heating, your next concern is the floors. To keep the floor warm, put area rugs right next to your bed and in front of the door.

Choosing room lighting

If the ceiling is high, opt for a more extravagant light fixture like a chandelier or a pendant light. If not, then choose floor or table lamps which can provide sufficient lighting for the room.

Dressing windows

Dressing your loft windows depends on how much privacy and coverage you prefer. If you want more privacy, you can use window blinds or window shutters. Otherwise, an excellent option would be sheer curtain panels that will provide you with some privacy, but still allow natural light to penetrate the room during the day.

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