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Adding extra security to your home


Security is becoming a far more important factor for people at present. This is why many are now looking to some of the latest measures to ensure your family home is well secure. Whether this be a composite door from Truedor, which provide great protection for any home, which is the first priority for many. These not only provide the protection you need, but also focus on the style and colour to tailor to your needs. If you have glass doors, then you should look to reinforce sliding ones, to make sure these are well protected. Door sensors and video door bells are now also a fast going trend, as they work as a great deterrence to anyone looking to get into your home.

The next key security measure for any home is the windows. Both the windows and doors are the most common entry points for burglars, so are the most important when it comes to adding security measures. Manufacturer latches that are most common on windows are not usually effective, and are a very easy means to entry. This is why you should look at adding a way of locking the windows, to further add to the security of your home. Other security measures that can be added to your windows are:

  • Installing window break sensors, which are a great addition, and another example of new smart home technology. You could also add window bars.

When it comes to deterrence, then lighting sits at the top of that list. This is why you should always look at adding a decent amount of outdoor lighting to the front of your home. These should be added to entrance points around the home, such as the garage for example. You could also use solar powered lights to save energy through this. An advanced method of security you could use is motion activated lights, which would be a big deterrence to anyone, and very effective.

Another key method of deterrence is visible security cameras, and these are a must have for anyone looking to make their home secure. These products are becoming more and more advanced through smart home technology, and are easily acquired and installed for a decent price. Home security systems are now easily added with a mobile app, so that you can see the footage in real time, wherever you are. This can also then be used as evidence if needed. There are also a number of other features that can be added such as motion detection, weatherproof casing and even night vision.

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